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Since it seems so fashionable to have cancer these days it's time to start this part of the site. Okay - so maybe it's not fashionable. Maybe it's frustrating, frightening and just plain inconvenient. Nonetheless it's a part of life. A part I would not have objected to having missed completely but still a part of it.

This place is for anyone dealing with cancer in any of it's forms. People who have cancer, are awaiting a diagnosis and are needing to talk, people who have had friends or family who have or had cancer, and in some cases people just willing to hang out and help. Join us in the pub, the Glowing Bat, or start your own thread.

I swear I'll work on more details and some really nifty GuideML for this page as I get members and have time. For now let me just say this...

Hi - I'm Batty - and I have cancer.

Last summer has to have been the single crappiest summer in my life but it was worth it. I am now cancer free, though not technically a "survivor" until I've had so many years without it reappearing. Oh joy. I'm not a survivor because of a technicality. Funny - I feel like I survived it. I'm not entirely sure how but I do have the medical bills to prove it. Please feel free to join the group (at this moment a group of one) and chat. Chat about your condition, your treatment, your favorite cocktail. Whatever.

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