What are the ultimate shoes for space travel?

Don't Panic, help is on the way!
smiley - towelDo you have your TOWEL?smiley - towel

If you were traveling through space what would be on your feet? Something with a detachable towel? smiley - towel Something that can help you walk on the moons of VEGA? smiley - moon Something that flashes Don't Panic as soon as you start to panic? Maybe even something that can let you travel through space without the use of a ship? smiley - surfer One company I have found, New Rocks, look almost as if they could fly on there own. And they would definitely distract an incoming missile when you are floating several stories up hanging by your towel, which is flung over an annoyingly happy robot. They do cost an insane amount, But nothing is too good when you work for the Guide. I found the shoes on Planet Sole, smiley - planet a planet I got stranded on for two years. I personally have more shoes than any space traveler could ever need or would want to lug around the universe.

Proud memeber of the Terranic Army
Which is now help out by the The Potato-Terranic Alliance
I am now the Brigadeer of the 3rd regiments of the newly for regiments of the Terranic Amry
This Little smiley was made on Twinkle's smiley generateor. FOUND Here. I have a homemade tattoo of this little guy on my right leg I did when I was 14 or 15, 91' or 92'. So that tells you how long I have been a DNA fan.

I am an ACE, an Assistant Community Editor. I am here to try my very best to help you in any way I can. I have put some links (below) to help you and will add more as I have time.
If I am not lurking around you might
check out one of these cats.

I am trying to get someone to figure out what my name means, Shoal Prexy.
Since I have given these clues to someone I will make them public.
Clue #1 - Prexy stands for President. (I thought it wise to tell the Brits here that.)
Clue #2 - It is a character from a BOOK.
Clue #3 - Get a Thesuarus.

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Shoal Prexy, ACE, all around nice guy, and keeper of the towels

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