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(Un-offically the smallest uprising on h2g2 cause Atari said so)

This is the page of the SPORKITES! Yes, cower in fear, for only dedicated thingites and other assorted weirdos may join!

Wondering what its all about?

The Sporkites are a dedicated group of thingites who campain for most thingite goals but with a few extra:

  1. We will campain to abolish weekdays ALTOGETHER (except thing, a weekly holiday) and leave only weekends, so Thing, Poets, Doobry and Dontbry go round in an endless cycle. Despite this, you may still refer to the cursed weekdays, but ONLY to avoid confusion.1
  2. Our long, long, long term objective is to eventually beat out No!no!no!
  3. Two Sporks will be given to each member, and should be posted in conversations.
  4. All out sillyness past even the main body of thingites!
  5. To find a sensible 6th objective.
  6. To find a 5th objective that doesn't contradict other objectives.
  7. To support the Thingites!


If you join, you get TWO smiley - sporks and an aligator. For those confused by the various alligators, a complete guide can be found at A950267.

Sfanesp: the (Sporkite) food of the future! Order it here today!

We have the 42K posting on "No no no!!"!!!!!!

We have reached 3000 postings!!!

I want to join The Sporkites!::

The Sporkites!1.Atari (The non-plagerising grounded ostrich: the un-learn'ed and tense [Non-GURU and Warspork])2.Utter Bewilderment3.RMF (Sporkite highpriestess,Offical gator giver outer)4.2legs(Sporkite Strangeness Modulater)5.Kess(Insane Sporkite Prophet)6.Darth Zaphod(Head of the stockpile of Navel Oranges)7.Chauncey8.Moose9.Sir Ralph the wonderful Llama(The holder of the Spork of power)10.Huffers11.Viojen (Offical polisher of Sporks)12.Deadelvis (The Hounoured Sporkite)13.Jane Pyecruste14.?15.Abi(Sporkite Italic!)16.Ztik17.Bob18.RhoMuNuQ(Belatedly joining the revolution)19.Atari and Deadelvis20.Canismajor7721.Tabitca(Offical Sporkite Spy Cat)22.Researcher gone wrong23.Quixotic24.Sir Mort25.Cati Bach(and Tarquin the Spork)26.Renee661227.Deus Ex Machina: The official Spork supplier to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!28.The Great Ant29.misha_franklin30.Arwen31.EncyBass32.The Evil One33.Magoogy34.Aries35.Selkie36.Happysuggs37.Mullet38.Captain Insane39.Gaia40.Kiro Yukai41.Hussassan (Offical Sporkite Bounty Hunter)42.The Omniscient One43.Wonko the (In)sane (Offical Sporkite Smith and master of the Sporkite armoury)44.Kleopatra45.AK Nonexistent46.Shake.ya.shimmy47.Crazyhorse48.Blood God49.Å|þhâ Çêñtãü®ï50.Intrepidcat51.Excelsior52.Paulithan53.Dr Anthea54.Frogglette55.Werm8656.Tacysa57.The Beast - Offical Sporkite Beast58.Marvin59.Werekitty60.Yosarian61.Numbercruncher62.Spectre


Also in alliance with the Vogons and CAVE (Some cool people who want violent smileys)!

1Although we like confusion...smiley - winkeye

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