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They aren't smiling anymore!

Smileys!!Since the dawn of H2G2 (and probably the net, too), Smileys have been accepted as accura147te forms of communication of feelings and/or ideas. We would like to expand on the idea of the smiley, just a little. We call ourselves CAVE [At the moment, The Campaign to Allow Violent Emoticons, a name which may be changing soon.]. Our mission is to make violent, explosive, destructive, or otherwise cruel and unusual smiley images a part of H2G2.

What started as a way to express feelings in a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers has developed into a beloved code, of sorts. Starting with :-), the smiley soon devoloped as smiley - smiley, :-D became smiley - biggrin, and :-P became smiley - tongueout. Now there are a lot more smileys, but still, the public craves more. We started our group in hope of bringing more violent, explosive, destructive, or otherwise cruel and unusual smileys to the mainstream. Please join us!

We know perfectly well that our goal is nearly impossible but we're going to campaign anyway!

Members of CAVE are:
  • ~Jesi.Lynne~ [Founder]
  • Atari The non-plagerising grounded ostrich: the un-learn'ed and tense (Non-Guru and Warspork) [Co-Founder]
  • Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë {ÊxÞlðšïvè §mìlëýš!} [Co-Founder]
  • AK nonexistent [Co-Founder]
  • CAVE members1. ~J.Lynna~ [Founder]2. Atari [Co-founder]3. Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë {ÊxÞlðšïvè §mìlëýš!}[Co-founder]4. AK nonexistent [Co-founder]5. crazyhorse6. Bob the only way to fly 7. Kiro Yukai (Ravenclaw) 8. Mullet 9. Mystrunner 10. Rissa 11. Professor Tal Rasha 12. Schtaefan 13. Yar Kramer 14. Lampost_of_the_Babblefishes 15. shake.ya.shimmy 16. Hussassan 17. Jonson 18. Werekitty 19. Excelsior 20. Kess, Insane and proud of it 21. NuclearConfusion 22. The Great Ant - lord of all the purple ghost fish 23. Dr. Anthea 24. Acid Override 25. The 'Mazin' MadFiddler 26. Werm86 27. Orion 28. The Beast 29. Bluebottle: He's Back - And It's About Dinnertime 30. Cinnamon Spider 31. Cat's Eyes 32. Blackberry Cat, FMA, Only here for the fish 33. Khamsin 34. Bicycle Repair Man 35. Damien_Yukai 36. Uncle_Bob - Jedi Rowhi' Supar, Lord Scholar Curmanis Heidi 37. DarkElf - Thingite of Doomliness and Other Assorted Misguided Doings - 6*(92/8)-(9*3) 38. Isross (Unlicensed Spy, thief, assassin, Werewyvern, fool and musician) and Be'tra Gi'bla (Jedi)39. Ford-Prefect 40. Arthur-Dent 41. DRsupercomJSM *42.* cloned_madman43. naughtinik4_Goddess of Funky Music & Saturday Night Mischief 44. Mag Ratte 45. LeviPuma - CAFC 46. Daizzy 47. berrymu

Just leave a message here and you will be a member of CAVE shortly!
Visit the Sporkites.

Smiley Ideas so Far:

Violent SmileysCAVE 2CAVE 3CAVE 4CAVE 5CAVE 6CAVE 7CAVE Bar Our smileys that have been created so far are here.
Read our humble beginnings here A few changes will be made very shortly, so bear with us while we are under construction.

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