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The League of H2G2
The League of H2G2

Welcome to the League

This League was set up to defend h2g2 from outside communities. As such, it is not involved with wars in h2g2 itself. It is purely a defensive army to counteract any attacks from the outside net. Our goal is simple; ally ourselves with all communities on h2g2 (especially the armies) and defend h2g2.

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The Members

The Members1. GodBen - Founder and Leader2. Mr. Christopher - Second in command3. T.B. Falsename - Leader of the Army4. BLT - Commander of the SEALs5. Dr Anthea - Head Diplomat6. AK - Chief Spy7. Khamsin - Head Scientist8. Star Fleet - Army9. Almighty Bob - Armourer10. Joe C - Medic11. B9nr515 - Army12. Stealth Kam - The Fat Barman13. Midnight Angel - Army14. Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë - Army15. Tartan~Totty - Army16. Kess - Army17. Alphabet Soup - SEAL18. Behind Geddon's wall - Apothacary19. Batty - Diplomat20. Apollo - Diplomat21. Martiansoup - Spy (Martian Operative)22. bullet_proof - Spy23. Uncle Bob - SEAL24. Kakarot - Spy (super saiyan warrior)25. Feuille - Scientist26. His Divine Shadow - Army (Battle Ship Captain)27. Luthiena - Spy28. Kandarian - Army28. Knightblade - Army (sniper) 29. Cal - Scientist (Horticultural Advisor)30. froggy42 - Spy31. Merrymoon - Diplomat32. Blaze - Army33. LeviPuma - Spy34. angus ware - Army35. Dr. Megabite - Spy

Categories of members

The Army

Our army, who fight to defend hootoo in the event of a war. Under the command of T.B. Falsename.

The Semi-Aireborne SEALS

These are the League special forces, an elite unit of nautical and aerial assault. Under the command of BLT.

The Diplomatic Core

This group represents the League in negotiations. Their goal is to stop wars from breaking out. Under the command of Dr Anthea.

The Spy Network

This group are our official spies. Their goal is to investigate outside forums and to search for any possible threat to h2g2. Under the command of AK.

The Science Block

This group builds the leagues weapons and does various other scientific projects. Under the command of Khamsin.

The Medical Staff

These brave doctors and nurses risk their lives by going into battle to help save the life of the innocents. They also have perscripion drugs (so be nice to them). Under the command of Joe C.

The Base

League Societies

These societies have all registered with the league to help us defend h2g2.

Registered Societies1. The h2g2 Assassins guild2. The h2g2 Fools' Guild3. Toot Talkers - The h2g2 Robert Rankin Fan Club4. h2g2 Guild of Bounty Hunters5. The Thingites6. Mount Olympus7. The Basil Brush Appreciation Society8. The Masters of the Multi-Verse9. Terrania10. Shadow Realm11. The Thursdayites12. The Evil Army of H2G2

If you are leader of a society and wish to register it then fill out the form.

Name of society:
Name of leader:
"A" Number:


We are bound by the H2G2-Collective Peace Treaty.

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