Anole's Office

A green dragon

This be the room of Judicator Anole, Head Dragoon of the Dragon House (Join the DragonHouse at U1526866), Dragon of Chaos and War , who happens (unfortunatly) to be EvilClaw's brother. I sincerly hope he doesn't find me and beat me up but thats life... As much as EvilClaw is a cat, I am a lizard with such associated powers of camoflauge, regeneration, climbing on walls, and climbing up people's legs to make them scream like little girls. I am also (when I choose to be) a dragon that raids for monesteries and villiges for things I want such as gold, livestock, and (since I am a male dragon) harmless princesses so I can eat the knights that come to rescue them....ahhh those were the days. Yup... thats me. As a famous person once said: I am what I yam and thats all I yam

The Desk

Its a desk. A bunch paper lay scattered on top waiting to be sorted and filed. I just moved here ya know. There are a few importent Evil Army TOP SECRET files along with TOP SECRET P.A.Z.A. battle statages nicely organized. I finally found time to plug in my computer

There is an assortment of some ancient tomes, gold trinkets, assassination gear, and a Psi Blade on top of a Protoss Dark Templar's cape with the shield generator (which are doubles of what Anole now wears in case *a nut with a sythe* is nearby). Leaning on the desk is a gold veined katana.


The screen shows a game of Star Craft, Brood War on pause. Apparently a Zerg brood is allied with a Protoss tribe against a few exteremly powerful, large computer players

Bulletin Board

This is also bare of anything. Eventually sticky notes will be place here to tell you whats on my not-quite-so-diseased-as-EvilClaw's-mind.

Titles that I have:

  • Head Dragoon--I do dragon army leading stuff.
  • Judicator of the Velari Protoss Tribe
  • A General of the EvilArmy

Sanity is only an opinion


I get my own bathroom! Glee! Joy and Rapture!

It is nice and clean as a toilet that has not been used in years but only cleaned.

Water Cooler

Hmmm...funny. Its placed next to the bathroom for some reason. There are a few cans of root beer, cream soda, and sprite inside. Most of the drinks are gone though through some ill concieved plot(darn you SuperMoo, you drank my drinks)

Filing Cabinet

It is shiny and can hold numerous files.

Many TOP SECRET files from P.A.Z.A., the EvilArmy, the Assassin's Guild, and the Dragon House

The H2G2 Assassin's guild
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nil mortifi sine lucure
Follower of Adun
Velari Tribe
Warrior of the Khala
Official Silver Sword Player
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Silver Sword; an Interactive Fantasysmiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -
Click to Join The Dragon House
The Dragon House


The planet Earth.Now I Know Everything

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'OFF-SHOOT': The Asteroid Field of Beta
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Currently there are some non-discript boxes here. I really need to unpack more stuff. Oh. The closet is also big enough for my bed to fit in. Which it does and is. Well the bed is down.


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