The Dragonhouse

A green dragon

Welcome to the Dragonhouse, the home and meeting place for all things Dragon-like in H2G2! Currently under the management of the Clan Matriach1 Dragonqueen and the Head Dragoon2 Anole.

The Dragon Council

The Council has some spaces left from the Old's 3 disapearance

Dragon Praetoria: Head Dragoon Anole

Dragon Matriarch: Supreme Matriarch DragonQueen

Dragon Scribe: DS Dmitrigheorgheni

Dragon Head Magus: HM Jack Blaze

Dragon Special Forces: SF Dragoon Galigan

Chief Magical Weapons Expert: Tavaron

Protector of House Wisdom: Bunnyfrog

Dragon Acquisitor: Elektragheorgheni

Head Ambassador and recruiter: Eddie

Dragon Head Inquisitor Leader: HI Kitush

Head Dragon Cook: DC Spoogleflop

Head Dragon Seer: Firey Opaleye

Head Animal Trainer: Tom

Head Trainer of Dragoons: HTD Megachedda

Head Armorer: Kain

Chief Medic: CM Shazzo

Dragon Matriarch's Body Guard: Dragantha

Head Smith: HS Mobius10

Head Alchemist: HA Elixaris

Dragon House Founder: Draco, Supreme Dragon Lord

Below is the old Dragon Council. These are the people who ran the Dragonhouse and represent it on all official business. Sadly they have all disappeared into the aether. The last to do so was Draco, original founder of the Dragonhouse.


Draco Scriba: The Wargamer

Draco Praetoria: Dragon

Draco Rex: Draco, Supreme Dragon Lord

Draco Magus: Iyandes


Places of the DragonHouse

The Rest of the Dragonhouse

The Dragonhouse has more than the council room, it has kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, sleeping areas, lounges, and much, much more

To The Council Room

To The Welcoming Hall

To The DragonHouse Tea Room

To The DragonHouse Special Forces HQ

The DragonHouse Hall of Sooth Seekers

Head Dragoon Anole can usually be found in his office at the end of this hallway.

Here is a path to the entrance of the old Dragon House: The Old Dragon House

If Dragonhouse members wish to "discover"4 a new room, please do so with DragonQueen's permision.

DragonHouse Franchises

The Allied Mythical Creatures Guild is a group starteded and sponsered by Head Dragoon Anole, as a military and domestic way to bring together all mythical creatures (this includes ones out of legends, also were-creatures are welcome).

What is a Dragon, How does it fly? How do you fight with them? All this and more can be found in the Dragon Lore

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The Dragon House