Dragantha thuh Aila`n-Druak ,a Ara a Athi

Specialisation now is Would be Dragons , and related topics , Magick and related topics , Computers , networks , Internet , chat networks and programs , WoW and related games . well and a bunch of other things :P
* Translation of the Subject *
Dragantha The Golden Dragon , the 1st Knight and Protector


I am Dragantha a Golden Dragon From the State of Friesland ( The Netherlands )I'm the Protector of this State .

I am The 1st Knight and Protector

I've been arround for more then 350000+ earth realm years ( give or take a few ages ) now ..
Seen ages come and go .... people come and go and
Wars come and go ..

I can speak 1 of the many Dragon Languages .. I am still searchin for info on the Other dragon languages .. i used to speak allot of otherkin languages , most impossible to pronounce or even speak in this current from

Also as being a Dragon of Gold i have the ability to do Dragon Magick ( in Dragon Form .. current form isnt really suiteble for doing anything like that )
I am a Sorcerer Dragon there for i can Cast spells ..
i have no boundry's nore limitations on it .. am capeble of doing anny spell i like .. no matter how powerfull or how difficult ..

I am running on a thin line between Good and Evil Myself ..

I also got a Half Human and Half Dragon shape; golden mirror scales, with long hair the same colour. There are human arms and hands, but with golden claws on the end, and strong legs, which are still hinged the way an animals are. Wings emerge from the shoulder blades and a long tail is waving behind. The face is human, as are the eyes, however the iris is the waving colours of fire. The ears are pointy, and the teeth look more like a carnivors than an omnivors*

I can Morph compleetly in to a human if i want but then i dont have my heavely Armoured Golden Dragon scales to protect me .I do got Armour then .. made out of Golden Dragon Scales ..so yeah protection aint a issue but i dun like the Human form at all

"The Golden Dragon is The Most Ruthless Dragon around He is Not a Good Nor an Evil one, Even Black Dragons ain't that Ruthless.. They only Kill There Victims ... But Golden ones Will Torture a Victim before ( most of the Time ) Killing it .. So it or Other May Learn Something from it Mistakes"

"From the Heavens i Came Forth.. But there is NO Hell nor Heaven That will Ever Reclaim me .. I am Dragantha .. A Golden Dragon .. A Ara a Athi to the Queen Dragon and Athi to the Friesian People "

"Some Say / Claim I am Mean Some Say / Claim I am Evil Some Say i am Both , I On the Other hand Say Its an Understatement"

Well ok ... Stats i can do as well

Age : 350000+ years old ( give or take a few ages )
Colors : Gold ( whole boddy ) eye's are whitgold colored ( not white with gold but the whitegold metal )
Skin/Scales: I am coverd in Heavely Armoured and Razor Sharp Golden Colord Scales .. Its almost impossibel to penitrate those with Mortal Weapons ... ( anny kinda Blade or misile Weapon )
Wing Span : over 400 Feet ( that be arround about 160+ or so Meters) and a bit smaller apearance of me of arround 200ft wingspan ( 80+ meters) so the human person thingies get less scared
Height/size: Varies ( du to morphin ability )
Occupation : Dragon Sorcerer , Dragon Master/Lord , 1st Knight , Protector
Ability's : Shape shifting , Magic ( spells and other things ) in different degree's of power and difficulty . basicly with magick you can go a long way . also highly skilled in the arts of War / Protection / Fighting / defence

Am in Human form a Systems Administrator / Webmaster
so hobby's are also computer related
and everythin Dragon related ...
am also a Sound Tech / DJ at a radio station in my free time .

well i'll put a link hree as well about my Heratige as Being a Frisian .. its Very intresting to read .. even for me it was ..somethings i didn't know yet ..

Currently i am Writing a Journal ,
it can be found at :

http://draconomicon.com/index.php?module=v4bJournal&func=journal_view&uid=12&page=1&mode=list" >http://draconomicon.com/index.php?module=v4bJournal&func=journal_view&uid=12&page=1&mode=list />
Dragon Code :

DC2.~Dw+L?+Y? Gm L~ W~ T~ Phvwalt Sks,h"Armoured Scales", n"Armoured Scales",w"Armoured leather",a"Armoured Scales",b"Armoured Scales", l"Armoured Scales",t"Armoured Scales" Cau,eau+',hau,vau^,nau,sau^,bau,wau_,aau,cau,lau,pau',tau,uau' B~ A+++! Fr+++! N~ M +++!1xx O H $~ Ff/j/t/c/m/o/p/v/~ R+++! Ac+++ J+ S+ U+++! I---# V+++![anything] Q+++![anything] Tc+++![techie wise] E?

***page gets updated continuasly****
(( this Page will be Changed to the GuideML Standerd within a few Days ))

Dragantha thuh Aila`n-Druak a Ara a Athi


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Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. , 1st Knight and Protector

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