Life is always changing

"Bombing for peace is like having intercourse for virginity."
"There are no ugly women in the world, only neglected ones."

There is nothing certain in life, except change.
The minute a sperm enters an egg, we start to change. We perhaps undergo the greatest of our changes during the time in uterohuh We become the people we are destined to be on this earth.
We continue to change even after we die, as our bodies go through the many stages of the dead musicians. (They 'decompose' you know)nahnah
The teenage years seem fraught with strife inside our own bodies, as well as all around us, as everyone knows that teenagers are basically 'brain dead' to the world. (We've all been there, folks.)
Humans have made forty a 'magical' number.groan I am forty something year old single Mom, and I think that is an over-rated concept. I don't want to be forty something. I want to be five.
I can't tell anyone about my life, because I don't know where it is at the moment. I am going through some major changes here, and I am afraid to think where they are going to lead me.erm

The one thing I can tell everyone for sure, is that I am totally in love with my children, and my grandson.

Life is always so full of interesting stuff. A new thing awaits around every turn.rose

I welcome you to let me know about yourself, and the amazing stuff in your life. Feel free to stop in any time. It might take a while, but I will get back to you when it is right.
If you wish to contact me by e-mail, you can write: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
I have an instant messaging thingy now. It's
[email protected]
dragonkamasutra on yahoo
[email protected].
I've not yet begun to understand how it works, and I keep losing touch with people who try to talk to meblush
I guess one sometimes cannot teach an old dog new trickserm

I now have a bunch of babyblacksheep. They all think I am their Mumlove I absolutely adore all of them. I also have a couple of baby chicks (Most have 'flown the coop because a coyote ate themwah), and a calf that is named Poppyseed(Who is actually the landlord's calf). He is just as cute as a button, too. He thinks I'm Mum as welllaugh My muscovys (a kind of duck) are growing, too, but all except two of them have joined the chickens inside of the coyotes. They're cute.
I've discovered that I am really good at farming, and I really enjoy it. It is a life nobody would have ever expected me to take to, let alone like. I feel like the wife, on the old television show "Green Acres".

"Dana Mack" is my fella. (That is his 'on air' name at the radio station he works at) He's 47, and never been married and doesn't have kids. HE calls me a 'GODDESS'diva!!!!!!! We are planning to move in together in the next year, and he wants to get married at the "Little White Wedding Chapel" in Vegas (after I finally get my divorce, of coursewinkeye)

We need a "WEDDING" smiley, since hootoo is a place for "getting hitched"ok

Take a minute to breathe.
Appreciate yourself and your life, and everyone around you, even if you don't particularly like them.
You will always be able to learn something.....

dragonlady Karen


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