The DragonHouse Hall of Sooth Seekers

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A green dragon

Hall of the DragonHouse Seers

This is the hall where you can find the seers of the DragonHouse. It is a well over decorated hallway with a row of doors on one wall and a opening to the outside lawn. The wall to the outside is made up only of large pillars with forty foot (or 12 meter) gaps between them. There are knee-high (of an average dragon or shoulder hight of the average human) railings. Above the railings are blood red silk curtains with many riches sewn into them.

Fortune Room

This is the room where the Head Seer does your fortune if she feels like it. It is well and richly furnished. In the center of the room is a table with an expensive table cloth and a crystal ball on a stand. There are also the Tarat cards and bones, and all the other fortune reading things there are.

Court of the Mystics

The courtyard lawn has decorative plants all around it. There is a large red and purple silk tent in the middle of the lawn. The opening is in front of the entrance to the court. In the left far courner is a Gypsy-style wagon. There is a sign next to saying "Sorry if this offends anyone, but the Gypsies are the most famous Seers. I have a great respect for them. -Head Dragoon Anole."

To the DragonHouse

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