The H2G2 League of Super Powers

The H2G2 League of Super Powers

The H2G2 League of Super Powers
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"With Great Powers We Can Have Great Fun!"

Welcome to the League, the home and meeting place for all super powered beings in H2G2!

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Select any power you want, create your secret identity, design your own costume, become a brave and strong hero, or create a powerful and evil villain. It's really up to you...

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Name: U number: Hero or Villain: Hero name: e.g. The Thunderer Super Abilities: Weaknesses (if any): Costume Colour(s): Other Comments:


Founder:Spectre (Galigan) : Hero

Co-Founder:Pink Storm (Pinkwrath) : Hero

KattMan (JingerTom) : Hero

Keeper of the Books: The Foolish Geat (elwyn_centauri) : Hero

Overlord (archSlade) : Villain

The Mighty Red (whamster) : Hero

Tne Annoyer (2_headed_punk) : Villain

Willowshimmer (spoogleflop) : Hero

League Graphic Artist: The Changeling (MJ) : Hero

Bananazorgi (Lerimaelooni) : Hero

MoooCowman (SHattershot) : Hero

League Barman:Prof. Chaos (Tony2Times) : Villain

Human Glowstick (runner855) : Hero

ArchAngel (Captain LeRue) : Hero

Fluffybunnyslippersofdoom (ninjamonkeyx) : Hero

The Crimson Lady (UnfadingAcendant) : Hero

The Hairy Lemon (bobbyjoe656) : Hero

Artemis II (midgetmogget) : Villain

The Silent Q (pattichild) : Villain

Mega Mark (flaming-phoenix) : Hero

The Quipper (Kitush) : Hero

Gandark Underhill (Nerd42) : Hero

Killer-Zero (Hussassan) : Unknown

HumanMan (HumanMan42) : Hero

Medic in Residence:Dr Anthea (Dr Anthea) : Neutral

Super Flea (Tom) : Undisclosed

The Armadillo (Quickdeath) : Hero

The Grey Swordsman (thornthedruidguy) : Neutral

The Great Delwyn (SuperCooper9) : Villain

Unknown (Jadeelf) : neither as yet

Mystica (Mystic_mel) : Hero

The Ice Queen (rockcheekychimp50001) : Hero

Superchelle (mastershelley2) : Hero

DEAD-MAN (Dead-man) : Unknown

Non-Player Characters (NPCs):

Other characters which may pop up from time to time, but who are controlled by existing members of the League.

NameBackgroundControlled mainly by
Tar-and-Feathers BoyTarred and feathered in the 18th Century, sealing him inside a protective cacoon. Awoken recently by unknown forces and was amazed at technology of modern guns; learning all about them he heard rumours about an allusive Prof. Chaos and felt like practicing his new found skills on the villain. Their rivalry has been bitter ever since their first encounter.
Current whereabouts:Unknown
Black DragonBlack Dragon is a highly skilled Ninja from the secrective Obsidian Order. He is able to vanish into shadows and even manipulate darkness into solid forms. He has been the sworn enemy of the Crimson Lady since he assassinated her friend and Master Noh-Leung, who had trained her at Kung Fu since she was 13.
Current whereabouts:thought to be indisposed
The IllusionistAs Gandark's arch-nemesis, the Illusionist is also a halfling wizard come from the same far-off realm. His voice haunts Gandark's mind, because Gandark once knew him as a friend, by his real name, but that name was long since erased from the minds of all his former friends and colleuges by use of the Illusionist's evil mind powers.
Current whereabouts:Unknown
The ScorekeeperThe Scorekeeper comes from deeper within the same reality that Gandark and the Illusionist come from. He will wreak havoc in the City like none other. Understand, however, that although people die because of his mischief, he is not actually evil. He is what he was created to be, and is merely in the wrong universe for being it.
Current whereabouts:Unknown
BrakBrak travels through time and space in a craft called 'Errant Blossom'. The irony is not lost on him. He is a bounty hunter, and for many years his mission has been to hunt down Hyrthh the Changeling because he doesn't like ANYONE getting away.
Current whereabouts:Unknown
ReaperReaper is a mysterious figure, he plagues on the minds of the free seemingly to relieve himself of the horrors that he suffers within his own psyche. Little is known of his past and his real name even he has forgotten.
Current whereabouts:Maximum security prison

For full profiles of members and NPC's use the links below.

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The League HeadQuarters
|[ Join the League! ]|[ The Council Room ]|[ The Blueprint Room ]|[ The League Tearoom ]|
|[ The Arena ]|[ The Great Library ]|[ The Garden ]|[ The League Bar ]|[ The Hospital Wing ]|[ The Lab ]|

Outside the HeadQuarters
|[ The City |[ The Coastline ]|

Other League Pages
|[ The Badge Codes ]|[ Member Profiles ]|[ NPC Profiles ]|[ The League Entrance Page ]|

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And Remember;

"With Great Powers We Can Have Great Fun"

The H2G2 League of
Super Powers


"With Great Powers We Can Have Great Fun!"

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