The Dragon House Ballad

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The Dragon House

Among the mountains high,

There did the dragons fly,

One young dragon called Anole,

Lived Hold that had no soul.

Rebuilding the House,

Evicting the louse,

Rise again the dragons will

As the empty Halls begin to fill.

The brother of this young dragon,

Likes to sell him in wagon,

The name of this brother is EvilClaw,

This evil cat makes others still in awe.


Now back to this dragon young,

Who keeps a Hall now unsung,

During a war, he met a beauty of dragon gold,

This dragon queen he asked to one day visit his Hold.


When she came she angered an old soul,

This Dragon Lord had kept his horde in a nearby hole,

Draco, this dragon's name, wanted to retire,

But still need to protect his old Spire.


So now Draco decided to retire to his hole,

And left the empty Halls to the young Anole,

Anole with the golden queen made an allaince trust,

They agreed to clean the Halls of dust.


The two dragons cleaned the Halls,

They even cleaned the ceiling, floors and Walls,

They cleaned the House of grime from time combined,

Now their two forces are strongly entwined.


The Dragon House now new and open,

Dragons soon come to the Hall where dragons den,

One dragon who came was named Dmitri,

He saw Anole and at once landed on a nearby tree.


He asked the young Anole for a seat on the council,

Dmitri soon became the scribe and a good councel,

To the untried young dragon who ran the the Hall,

Along side the dragon queen all golden and tall.


Now the Halls with dragons are filling up,

Draco, now with his mind at peace, drinks tea from his cup,

The young Anole alliance made with Evil,

That is, alliance with his brother and Army of Evil


Now the golden queen and the young Anole

Rule the House filled with dragon soul,

They rule together, upon thrones of stone,

In front of their horde of gold and precious stone.


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