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Um, I have returned?

smiley - erm Yeah... I think I'm back this time. Just forgot to come here and was caught up in other things. I have a lot to catch up on it seems.

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New Computer!!

I finally have my own computer with internet smiley - biggrin It is a laptop, I'm so happy. Oh and sorry for not being on.smiley - cheerup

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My Dragon House ballad

Hello, my HooToo friends. I've made a ballad at A16036076
and plan to place it in DeviantArt soon. Please read it and enjoy, I've had to do much editing and revising to get my finished product. smiley - biggrin
It even has some of our favorite people! smiley - dragonqueen, smiley - evilgrinClaw, Draco, Dmitri, and me.

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New Dragon House comic character sheets

The title explains everything. Go to to see them. I do hope people actually care.

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DragonHouse Comic Title Page

Well here is the first one. Remember everyone, that you may not appear in the title but you will appear later in the comic. Here is the site it's located and remember I like gold. That may be completely irrelevant but I don't care.

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