The Allied Mythical Creatures Guild

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This is a franchise of the DragonHouse that is set up to ally all mythical creatures.

The Guild Council

Supreme Matriarch: Dragonqueen

Chief Advisor: Dmitrigheorgheni

Head of Military: Captain LeRue

Special Forces Commander: Skandronan

Chief Magical Weapons Expert: Tavaron

Librarian/Keeper of the Chronicals: Elwyn

Head Ambassador and recruiter: Eddie

Head Seer: Firey Opaleye

Assisstant Seer: Naped Ha'Pre

Head Healer: Spoogleflop

Head Zoologist and Trainer: Tom

Housing Master: Llama

Teaboy: Webby

Captain of the Guard: Narvia

Founder: Head Dragoon Anole of the DragonHouse

U number:
What mythical creature are you:
Rank Ambition (job in the guild you want):
Thursday or Thing:

Members Head Dragoon Anole of the DragonHouse, Founder; Dragon Dragonqueen, Supreme Matriarch; Dragon Dmitrigheorgheni, Chief Advisor; Dragon Firey Opaleye, Head Seer; Dragon Tom, Head Zoologist and Trainer; Dragon Eddie,Head Ambassador and recruiter; Were-babelfish/Babelfishdragon Captain LeRue, Head of Military; Were-wolf Tavaron, Chief Magical Weapons Expert; Were-chicken Spoogleflop, Head Healer; Unicorn(shapeshifter?) Elwyn, Librarian; Geat Skandronan, Commander of Special Forces; Gryphon Naped Ha'Pre, Assistant Seer; Dragon/Were-rat Llama, Housing Master; Winged Llama Webby, Teaboy; Goblin Narvia, Captain of the Guard; Water Elemental
The Guild's Goals

The main goal of the A.M.C.G. is to ty relations with all mythical creatures (includeing were-creatures and those of legend)

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