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Liberté Egalité Fraternité Insanity


'Allo I'm Webby from kent-a 30 something mentalist with a fixation for all things bouncy and I've got more issues than a newsagent on a quiet sunday morning' - FAVOURITE THINGS: Motorbikes, Motorhead, Newcastle Brown Ale, Chips,peas and gravy, Monkeys, Sporks,tattoos,piercings, LEAST FAVOURITE THINGS: pop music, no beer, fish, everything else, Liberté Egalité Fraternité InsanityThe 597 -1 Proud Members Of Clan Thingite1. Clive the flying ostrich - Warlord2. acidbath - Grand Visier3. Parrferris - Minister Of Defence        (And Occasional Offence)4. Amy - High Priestess Of Thing And        General In Charge Of External Affairs5. The Gook - Sir Loin, Master At Arms6. Inkwash - Speaker Of The Underpass7. Shea the Sarcastic - Captain Of The Thingite Guard        And Honourary Spork Giver-Outer-er8. HappyDude - Camp Follower9. Bob - (Temporary) Commander Thingite Suicide Squad10. Average Joe - Thingite Tactical Advisor11. M'Alice - Keeper Of The Sacred Ale12. Sad, Mad or Bad - Bearer Of Pennants13. Uncle Heavy - Sergeant Major / Witchfinder14. Lady Elly - Assistant GV/Commander Amazon Division15. Thing - Guardian Of The Sacred Thorn16. St. Redfish - Director: Thingite Intelligence Agency (TIS)17. Jon Quixote - Official Suggestor Of Good Ideas18. Ekki Ekki Ekki - Chieftain Of Clan McThing19. Acolyte Hezher - High Chocolater Pixie20. Minister Of Occasional Tables21. Hiram Abif - Imperial Architect Of All Things Thingy22. Kaz - Resident Deity23. Sir TJ - Royal Protector Of The Thingite Wit        And Kight Errant Of The Thingite Cause24. Katie of the Redheads - Donna And Mother25. St Trin - Official Operator (Thingite Legionaire)26. Mr.Mike - Thingite Sandwich Maker27. Sir EvilRoy - Maestro Of The Thingite Orchestra        And Knight Errant Of The Thingite Cause28. E G Mel - The Maker Of Small Electric Gadgets29. Queen Alamsy - Thingite Guard Of Smilies30. Ice - Thingite Neuro-Surgeon31. Yeliab - Thingite Engineer32. ABI (!!!) - Captain Of Reconnaissance33. Frankie Roberto - Thingite Propoganda Chief34. Joe AKA Arnia - Head Of R + D For The Thingite        War Machine35. Dastardly - Principle Dragoon Of The Thingite Legions36. Busterbone - Warden Of The Pound; Lobber Of dogs37. Cheesestraws - Official Thingite Mascot (Artichoke)38. aka - Head Eater of Cheesecake And        D. Pres. For Flicking Rubber Bands39. Dien - Lord-Seneschal (And-Master-Of-Werewolves)        For The Court Of Thing40. Annette - Official Chinchilla Trainer41. Pu Dendal-Shrubbery - Head Researcher On        Thingite Calendar42! (A horse called) Bazooka Joe And His Amazing        Travelling Side Show aka Dave - Magnificent Steed,        Bearer Of Thingites And Devourer Of Carrots43. Cyberspook - Grand Inquisitor Of Disgruntled Cat Toys        And Lover Of Small, Vicious, Feline Acupuncturists44. J'au-æmne, Princess of Darkness - Thingite Star Gazer        And Official Person In Charge Of Making        Something Official Looking45. Peregrin - Official Falconer Of The Thingite Legions46. Twinkle - Official Thingite Teleportationist47. Angelecon - Angelic Warrior Creator of Crystalic        Weaponry For The Thingite Legions48. Shorty - Tamer/Trainer Of Kremlin49. Phreako - Official Pigeon Trainer50. Tuarinn Chaplin - Minister For General Sillyness51. w85 - Thingite Master Of Ceremonies52. fred_smith - Professor Of Surreal Weaponry53. ephirielX - Resident Thingite Psychologist        For All Things Thingy54. Rootitoot - Thingite Trumpet Herald55 -1. Ottox - Official Thingite Nemesis56. Demon Drawer - Adjutant Of The Genuine        Irish Thingite Council57. Granny Weatherwax - Matriarch Of The Thingites        And Mother In Law From Hell58. Ex-Rambling - Trainer Of The Thingite Monster Moths        (Parrot Trooper)59. Ford Focus - Thingite Wizard (And Diviner Of Dark Magics!)60. Thing - Thingite Gat61. Engländer - Thingite Of No Things62. Bluecat7 - Thingite Handler Of Condiments63. fords_prefect - Drinker Of Tea64. Joe - Priest Of Bovine-Related Rituals65. Bina-baby - Wearer Of All Things Purple66. Dr E Vibenstein - Doctor Of Thingism67. Mr Plato (and cat:Cyril) - First Lieutenant        of Un-Opened Cans Of Whuppass68. Sulk - Faithful Hound Of Mr Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson,        Grand Visier Of Thing69. Dreamchild Warspasam - Minister For        Unnecessary Macho Posturing70. lemodog - Captain Of Every Wibble Of The Year71. I'm still thinking - Peerless Master Of The Gunblade72. Sam Wolf, and ob the smiley face -        Thingite Alterer Of Calendars73. Infinity - Thingite Grand High Witch74. Pablo ferral - Thingite Distributor Of Bar-Snacks75. Plastic Squirrel - Worrier Of Pigeons76. Tabitca - Official Thingite Cat77. Fred the Badger - Official Thingite Bartender78. Croz T Scout - ThingNet System Administrator79. The Doctor - Head Of Confusion80. St Niwt - Amphibious Warden For        The Thingite Asylum (Karnt Spel.)81. kirikugi - Thingite Tea And Chocolate Digestive Server82. March Hare - Commander Of The Thingite Lemmings83. Vidmaster - Warrior Prime Of The Thingite Cause84. Casey - Bomber Squadron Leader85. Luvndaisies - Thingite Sergeant Of Meaningless Numbers86. SnowGoddess169 - Thingite Philosopher And Sorceress87. Bubbles - Wandering Theoretical Mind88. Batty - Thingite Adawehi Of Nuyagi89. Ex Libris Draconium - Official Thingite Librarian        And Scaled Beastie90. MaW - Thingite Dance Troupe Choreographer91. Iron Griffin - Soul Forger And Thingite Weapon Smith92. some bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy,        pithy name and spent five sleepless        nights trying but couldn't think of one        - Thingite Poet Of Doom!!! And Fluffy Bunnies93. FABT - Commander In Chief Of Twiglets And        Special Operations94. Mookie - Thingite Arbiter Of Infinite Wisdom And Justice95. Increase Mathers - Cause Of Awkward Silences        In The Court Of Thing96. Captain Zog - Thingite Ambassador To The Little People97. Avenging Washcloth - 1st Lieutenant, Officer In Charge Of        Butt-Kicking (And Thingite Athletics Supporter)98. Engels42 - Thingite Minister Of Leaky Ethics And Spiffyness99. Jiffajoffa - Thingite Minister Of Bizzare And        Confusing Conversations100! Lifson - Thingite Webmaster101. Cabman Green - Official Thingite Inhaler Of Nasty        Exhaust Fumes And Other Noxious Substances102. Strider - High Chair Of The Peoples Front Of Thingies103. Rat - Official Thingite Bloke104. Knifee - Thingite In Charge Of Stuff You Shouldn't        Run With105. Dragonfly - Official Unofficial Thingite106. Ernie (formerly Brian) - The Happy Little Elf        Who Was Born On A Thing107. Eggy - The Thingite Purple Monkey Dishwasher Fanatic108. Mrs Slartibartfast - Lower-Upper-Middle Management        Manager Of Stray Brain Cells And All Things Spazzy109. doreiwolf - Thingite Patron, Defender Of Wibble,        Pagan Younger And Official Pooper Scooper110. Smilodon Prefect - Brillo Pad Superintendant        Of The Thingite Army111. Iago - Thingite Odd Beast (Of Monty Python Fame)112. Michele - Purveyor Of Oscillating Gyroscopes        And Thingite Postmistress General113. Ripper - Veteran Soditite Specialist And        Navigator Of High-Speed Inanimate Objects        (Including But Not Limited To Walls And Bus Stops)114. Balsac - The Wrinkled Retainer115. Candi - Mistress Of Titters116. Clelba - Spigot Nodulator117. Lady Scott - Thingite Metalurgist And Offical        Spork Engraver And        Offical Easter Egg Finderouter-er118. Sergeant Mushroom - Sergeant Mushroom119. Cybermuz - Thingite/L.A.H. Liason Officer120. Carl - Official Undead Zombie Chicken Of Thing (ex partie)121. Leeneh - Bornonthing122. Ba'alzamon - Lord Of The Underworld,        And All Things Dark And Slimy123. Yar Kramer - Summary Summoner124. Elle - Thingite Espionage Agent125. Galen - Official Banisher Of Sodit126. One Large Sperm Whale - Oceanic Activities Officer        In Charge of Water-Proof Spork Accessories        And Shiny Gardening Tools127. TORG - Lord High Slapper Of Wrists and         Knitter Of Belly-Button Fluff128. Mr Inertia - Thingite Ponderer Of Laziness And        Giver-Outer-er Of Excuses For Being Lazy129. GreyDesk - Official Thingite Spokesperson        To/From The Questions Only Thread130. THE KID - Romancer Of The Realm Of The Ridiculous131. Neobrad - Thingite Biro Consultant132. Kaz - Thingite Musical Trivia Anorak And        Follower Of Richard Marx-ism133. Mr Legion - Secretary Of Evil For The Thingite Cause134. Fadookie the Froody - The Shah Of Great Boo-hally,        Vice President Of The Department Of Vice And Strife,        Coveter Of Llamas, Newbie Extraordinaire135. Vicki Chicki - Community Playgroup Leader To The        Thingite Clan136. KerrAvon- Thingite In Charge Of Revoltionary Misspelt        Graffetttti137. Sir Stu - Thingite Cook138. Sir Culdasac - Master Of The Thingite Monkey Army139. Alex - Thingite Ambassador Of The Irony Of The Smile140. GingerElle - High Empress Of Rich Tea Eating        And Curator Of The Official Fruitcake141. Doc Shinryuu - The Great And Powerful Towel Mage142. peter the girl - Thingite Peter Gabriel Namesake And        Correspondent To Teddybears And White Mice143. AndyG - Thingite Scanner Of Subterrainean Surfaces144. Yankee Shoes - Chief Subliminator Of Thingite Espionage145. Vroomfindel - Thingite Of Title-Related Indecisiveness        And Unofficial Changer Of The Mind146. Pinniped - The Dark-Eyed Nemesis Of        Very Nearly All Things Piscine147. NihilistMan - Enforcer Of Good And Righteous Aroma        To That Of Your Cheese, The Honourable        Crown Duke Of Sillywaddle148. winter rae - Zen Controller Of Strategy And        Reconnaisance149. Captain A.J. Rimmer - Deputy, Vice-Minion Maintenance        Repairman Of Thingite Stuff150. mezzy5 - Thingite Weather Dragon151. Hyp_huff - Thingite Minnyster Of Educashun152. Jedi Jade and Thras - Patron Punk Jedi153. Typolifi - Grand Nofficer Of The 5th Wibble Taskforce154. Peet - Pedant To The Stars155. Crazy Man - Wearer Of The Crazy Indiana        "Who's Yer Daddy?" Pants156. Utter Bewilderment - Thingite Preacher157. Auralyra - Thingite Ambassador To Fools, Keeper Of The        Thingite Greenhouse And Official Spurner Of Broccoli158. Beatnik - Relatively Official Minister Of        Anything Saturated With Caffeine159. Daro Frink - Sub Personality Of Daro. In Charge Of        Co-ordinating The Voices In Your Head160. Redz - Thingitty Thing, The Thing Thing's Sister161. British Bulldog - Extreme Orangutan Of The Dark Side162. Ineffable - The-Gallivanting-Head-Of-The-Past-Events-Of-        Somewhere-Or-Another, In Disguise163. ddombrow - Official Thingite Teddy Bear164. RhoMuNuQ - Thingite Link To Psueudophysical Reality165. Amy Pawloski - Thingite Official        Mufflewhump Giver-Outerererer Tubaman - Official Thingte Kleptomaniac167. Terran - The Gabble-Less, Except On Weekends168. Zok Zimmerman - The Offical Bellhop Of The Thingites        And Poobah Of The Way Of The Spork169. RYU - The Lord Of The Light Dragons170. Cybercat - Cleaner Of Strange And Metallic Objects171. Chauncey - The Startled Gazeebo172. The Omniscient One - Guardian Of All Thingite        Knowledge And Wisdom173. Ralph the Wonder Llama, Supreme Commander        Of All Killer Llamas174. Darth Zaphod-Incurably Disgruntled        Shaver Of Hairy Dragons175a. Narapoia - Life President Of The Good Intentions Club        (Hades Branch)176. Oberon2001 - Holder Of The Royal Knickers,        Low-Lord Chicken Soup Jump-Start Mechanic177. Rajimom - Duchess Of Sodit178. Z Phantom - Bringer Of Boring And Dull Books179. quid animus esse - The Unmentionable Is Almost Here        And It Makes Me Want To Cry, Dear Thingites,        Please Go To This A857937 And You'll        Know The Reason Why180. Zhora - Lover Of Sailors And Mountaineers,        Purveyor Of Tea And Shortbread To The        Thingite Army, Holder Of An Emergency Can        Of Irn Bru181. JustAnotherNumber - Lord High Praetor Of Thingite-ica182. Mr Blue Sky - Thingite Official Window Opener         And Part-Time Caretaker183. finnjim - THE Teacher Of The Thingite Clan184. Emmi - Thingite Official Origami Crane Maker185. Nastykoala - Grand Thingite Master And         Cause Of Chemistry Lab Fiascos186. Wuytvandriver - Head Of Insanely Fast Driving187. Blood Angel - Thingus The Thingite Crusader188. Jedi Apprentice - Very Depressed Thingite189. Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm From Betelgeuse -        Executive Director Of The "Life B4 Thingite-ism"        Rehabilitation Center (Where We Help You Shed All        Those Old Mundane Worrisome Insipid Main-Stream        Habits With A Minimum Of Electro-Shock        Therapy), And Holder Of The Keys To The Loo190. Nerissa - The Wise Yet Stupid, Of The        Epicentre Of Psychotic Rumblings And Australian        Ambassador For The Irradication Of Th****days        And Eventual Complete Cessation Of Work191. Zantic - Evil Scientist In Training192. Schroedinger's Irate Absinthe Cat -         Thingite Emperor Of The Poo People, Scourge Of        The Nephilim And Master Of The Kitty Kat Mojo Mosque193. Miss Revett - Spineripper Magnificent, And Person        In Charge Of Torturing Those Who Oppose        The Thingite Cause With Pantyhose194. ApparÏtÏon - Haunter Of The Dark Places        In The Halls Of The Thingite Castle195. Mystrunner - Assassin196. Daniel Anthony - Thingite Minister Of Covert Tactics197. Count Zero - MosquitoFinder Pursuivant And Straightener        Of Phone Cords198. Ranmafreak - Lord High Minister In Charge Of        Standing Around And Looking Generally        Confused For Some Odd Reason199. ecw4life - Barry, The Third Viscount (Biscuit) Of        Dudleyville200! Buzz Lightyear - Admiral Carpe Diem201. Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle - CEO Of Tandy And Direct Link        To God202. Snill (One of the Little People) - Master Of        French-Horn Playing Turtles And The Main        Shoelace Tier Of Shoelaces On Shoe203. Zscteaoufph - Vice Grand High Poobah Of The         Thingites Of Estonia Faction204. Atari - The Great Master Of Large Inflated Sporks205. Mozzerella - Officer In Charge Of Hopelessly        Complex Devices206. Noggin the Nog - Secretary Of Stoat And Chief Weasel207. Santa - Santa Claus208. Jade - Official Hoarder Of Specially Trained        Cats For The Thingite Armada209. Euan - Honourable Thingite Boffin210. Falstaff- Earl Marshal To The Thingite Cause211. Queegle - Keeper Of The Evil Thingite Avon Lady Army        And Mary Poppins's Bag Of Darkness212. Deadelvis - The Holder Of The Chamber Of Extreme        Sillyness213. Jeff Mutton - In Charge Of Anne Robinson        Facemasks And Stuffed Olives214. Bryson - Chief-Assistant-Senior-Vice-Deputy-Corporal215. AR Fuller - Thingite Lemon Slicer And Official        Helper-outer-er To The official Thingite Bartender216. Lee - High Priestess In The Order Of The Silver Spork217. Schrödinger's Cat-Flap - Thingite Master Of Tentacle        Waving, Deep-Sea Cricket And Similar Sports218. Hushpaw - The Wolf219. Bix - Thingite Grand Exalted Advisutron To The        High Tier220. Farlander - Quackspert Of Things That Go Blastedly        Missing On Sodit Mornings221. Intrepidcat- The Grand Queen Pixy Of The Slightly        Ovoid Table222. Wired Kenny - Coffee Meister Of The Highlands223. Deus Ex Machina - Thingite Of The 42K Post        And A Great Deal of Shame Associated        With It (Not Being Allowed To Leave!)224. Masuud O'Flarity - Discount Fortune Teller225. Viojen - Official Spork Polisher226. Nylarthotep - Lord Of The Ever-Expanding Sea Of        Human Ignorance And Stupidity And The Exclamation        "What Do You Mean You've Never Seen The        Ken Clean-Air-System Sketch?        It's A Bloody Classic!!!"227. D'Tan - Thingite In Charge Of Sporks Used In        Electrical Engineering Applications228. A Leg - Spearheading The Kampain For Days To Be        Spelt Rite229. Aries - Guard Of The Space/Time Continuum And        Member Of The Fellowship Of The Thing230. Reefgirl - Thingite Librarian231. nighthoover - The Guy Who Changes All The Lightbulbs232. alien747 - Head Gardener And Minister For        Interplanetary Exchange Of Psychoactive Matter,        Thoughts, Sounds, Vapor, Lights, Ideas And Any        Form Of Energy To Enhance The Ability To Build        Symbolic Machines233. Just Justin - Just Zis Guy, You Know?234. Shake - Assistant Guardian Of The Space-Time        Continuum235. His Supreme Holiness Brendan I - Pope And        Patriarch Of North America, Bishop Of        Arizona, Metropolitan Of Phoenix        And The Valley Of The Sun236. Jodan - Head Miner Of 42 For The Edited Guide237. Sir Mort - Of The Lunar Eclipse238. JustMe - Minister Of Cheese239. Jodan - Madpea - Thingite Flying Person240. Alkland - Keeper Of Silly Hats & Powerful Overlord        (In A Nice Way) Of The Chesterfield Thingite Division241. Andrew 2.5 - Ruler Of All Things Purple        And Master Of All Superlative Adjectives        Except Bluest242. Hobart - Official Thingite Hornswoggler243. Fish - Curser Of The Thingite Abusers Things244. Me - He, Who, While Attempting Not To Become        A Suburban Sufferer Of        Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,        Didn't Not Fail To Star In His Very Own        Semiautobiographical Fish245. Renee6612 - Archivist of Insignificant Minutiae246. Bobo247. Dragantha The Golden Dragon - The Queen Kri`sey        Druak Her 1st Knight And Protector248. Hyatir - Most High And Noble Sultan Of The Weasel        Korps, Holder Of The Golden Spoon, And        Supplier Of The Overstuffed Hamsticks249. Rt.Hon.Marklar - All Round Jolly Chap        (My Lonely Heart) Devilfish-Mcginty250. Draven - Master Of Random Blowtorch Activities251. Lord Goosberry D'Fez - Grand Chyampion Fez Wearer,        Defender Of The Cape252. misha_franklin - The Carefree Twit253. Daraline - Holder Of Profound Ignorance        And Uneaten Marmite Sandwiches254. Html works - Thingite Headsman255. badger2099 - Lord Archancellor Badger,        Cleaner Of The Mystic Scrolls, Duster Of The        Ancient Grimoires, General Odd-Job Man At        The Local Magical Library256. Takitomouse - Purveyor Of Spoons, Cakes And        Slight Temporal Disturbances (With Widget)257. Badger B - The Lord High Thingite Archivist258. Zero Cool - Kitten From Pikey82259. Arwen - 1/3 Of Multiminded Entity:        Bartok The Bat, Veggie, Hippy, Other        Things Ending In Eeee And Very, Very Poor Student260. Les - Sole Representative Of The        Manifestations Of The One True Tigger (boing)261. Eris - Thingite Goddess (And The 1st Thingite Baby!!!)262. His Divine Shadow - Thingite Commander Of A         Brigade Of Kilted Scotsmen263. Agent 1-3: High Priestess Of The Cult Of Ernie,        Chieftain Of Laziali, And Professional Devotee        Of The Sunshine Of Goldilocks264. Astroboy 69 - Aardvark Mutineer: Abscoder With         Heraldic Ants Of Thingdom265. PenGwen - Benevolent Tyrant, Of Hebetude And        Vivacity; Keeper Of The Useless Book Of Wonder        Knowledge (Was The Wonder Book Of Useless        Knowledge, But Then It Became Totally Useless)266. turvy - Honourable Gatekeeper Of The Barrier        On The Underpass Car Park267. Eric- The Other, Other White Meat268. Dr Anthea - Thingite Psychiatrist269. 2legs - Thingite Randomness Regulator270. Denno - Thingite Calender Relabelling And        Co-ordination Specialist271. big rich - Official Stirrer Of Other Men's Tea        And The Reason 90% Of Thingites Get Divorced        Correspondant To Seedy Bars And Cupboards Throughout        The Lands Of The Thingites272. Flynn - General Secretary For The Ministry Of        Stuff That No Other Ministry Wants To        Take Charge Of, E.g. Rechargeable Batteries        and Pooh Sticks Champion273. Maximus Decimus Meridius - General Of The Armies        Of The Spork274. Advocatus Diaboli - Supreme Generalissimo Of The        Thingite Regiment Of Cowards275. Tippsy - Oh What Now!276. Alison - Executive Of The High Flyers277. Whoever - Baron Of The Lower Prophecies278. Mullet - Protector Of The Palladium Spork         And Master Of Pi279. PETA - Temporary Visitor To The Thingite Clan (With Dan)280. Tacsatduck - Sgt. Who Isn't Anywhere Near 50 But Gets        Mistaken For It, In Charge Of Finding Women        For Zak The Duck, While At The Same Time Saying        YYYYAAAAYYYY Really Loud Like A Yeti With A Harmonica        In The Key Of G, Adder Of Numbers To Equal 42,        Loser Of Cameras, Enemy Of The Evil Sheep,        Drinker Of (stout, ale, stiffdrink, Or Just Whatever        Is Free), Jumper Outer Of Almost Perfectly Good        Airplanes, Haver Of Sparkly Eyes, Doer Of        Manly Cross-stitching, Corruptor Of Youth And        Just About Everyone Else, Miss Speller Of Words,        And All Around Delicate Flower (Who Plays Prop)281. skittledog - Defender Of The Letter 'S'282. Natai - Pizza Orderer Extraodinaire283. Happysuggs - Retainer Of Useless Information For Good        Of Thing-Kind284. ismarah - Official Thingy Translater285. Evil One - Not Really Evil Anti Thingism Thingite        In Charge Of Creating Havoc In Thingite Threads By        Constantly Uttering Blasphemous Day Names And        Claiming Not To Be A Thingite286. Gaia - By Divine Right Keeper Of The Randomness        Breeding Grounds, Master Eye-Roller, And        Queen Of The Eccentric Planet287. Semiquaver and Pentameter - Vaguely Official Thingite        Jekyll And Hyde Parody288. Farrago - Official Thingite Towel Herder289. Kiro Yukai - High Protector Of Jones Soda Bottlecaps        And All Other Modern Prophecy290. HarpoNotMarx - Pedantic Surrealist291. Phoenix Ravenflame - Grand High Sheltie Goddess,        Matriarch Of The Ravenflame Gypsy Clan, Leader Of        The Sorority Of The Llama, And Best Friend Of        The Leprechan Paddy O'Furniture292. Tu Gifalis - Director And Overseer Of Gummy        Bear Torture293. Alex Moore - The Overseeing Magistrate Of The Great        Eastern Nuclear Lima Bean Factory294. Drekenloka - Who Doesn't Always Fully Complete His295. b9nr515 - Grand Master Of All Things Only Existent In        Somebody's Head296. What is rule one? - Minister Of The First Rule297. Kreetch Kreetchius - Master Of Belly Button Fluff And        Twisting To The Eventual Aim Of Having Enough        To Knit A Small Jumper298. Phoenix - Mostly-Minister Of Defense Against        Slug-Tongues And Minor Deity Of Unlikely        Travel/Thoughtless Adventure299. Wonko the (In)Sane - Scribe And Scroll Guardian300! AK nonexistent - Thingite Head Lumberjack301. Dr Fishboy - The Great Mega Wobble Of Thingy302. Nicole - Thingite Teacher303. Lampost_of_the_Babblefishes - Arula-Protector Of The        Invisible Spatula People304. Marsinta Drewbish - Controller Of Haywire Robots305. Skullock - The Evil Janitor Of The BoE306. Jonson - Thingite Serf Of The Weird Initiative Rhinos307. Cinnamon spider - Luminescent Devotee Of Musical        Brilliance, Charismatic Enigma And All Things Type Four308. Pope Pygmy Marmoset - High Priestess Of Paisley,        Episkopos Of Thee Cabal Of Our Lady Of Thee Startlingly        Obvious, Founder/Director Of The Scientific Paisley        Institute, Giver Of Obtuse Titles, POEE Chaplain, Werret309. Rissa - The Most Revered Lady ShoeShine, President Of        The Association For The Prevention Of Boots Being Covered        In Mouse, Frog, Hedgehog Or Other Small Animal        Guts And Healer Of Those Addicted To The Shift Key!310. Filburt - Official Thingite Treasurer Of The Turtles311. MadFiddler2 - aka Scuttlemouse - Official Scrap-Searcher        And Scavenger For The Thingite Cause312. Davski - Head Of Thingite Cheese Awareness Campaign313. Nick - Thingite Dance Commander Who Cannot Dance314. Erklehammerdrat - PR Rep Of The Gibbering Chimps315. explodingboy316 - Eternal Kamakaziest Of The Thingites316. Workspin (English) - The Maker Of The Pangalacticgargleblaster        On Thingy Nights317. Yersinia Rory Borealis - The Exalted Morbid        Master Of The Red Rodeo And Official Veen Orphan318. Spider - Minister For Things That Hide In The Corner        Of Your Room And Keep You Awake At 4am319. Stu, That Silly Clanger - Supreme Lord, Master And        Commander Of The Legion Of Thingite Clangers320. Tacysa - The Tapdancing Turkey Taker321. Ballisticsheep - The Indomitable Rubber Pot Plant322. Greven Il-Vec - God Of Rice323. Silver Moonlight - Offical Thingite Turkey Ninja324. Spike - The Universal Towel Warmer, One Size Only: Extra Large325. Able-seaman Matt - Duke Of Tangerine Consumption And        High Priest Of Cleaning Ferrets With Very Small Brushes326. Researcher Squangos - Cleaner Of Things That Clean,        Dirtier Of Things That Clean That Have Been Cleaned,        And Doer Of Other Jobs Which Similarly Contradict Each        Other, Letting Him Get Double Pay 'Till The Ends Of        Time (Or At Least Until I Own Everything, Natch)327. Sachiel - Angel of Thing328. Wekaman - He Who Likes Shiny Things And Loud Music329. Matt, the inflatable ferret - The Scrubber Of Ferrets        Using Self-Defeatingly Small Brushes330. Frogglette, Tree dweller taking over the world - Commander Of        Jiggery-Pokery And Long Distance Phone Calls331. selkie - just selkie332. Werm86 - The Leader Of The Worms And The Werms        (And All Derivitaves Of The Name Worm)        And The Werm/Worm Clan Supports You!333. The Sweety Munster - Collector And Eater Of The Thingite Sweeties334. She who shall be obeyed - Gin Empress And Bulgakov Lover335. Emperor Jacob I - Inventor, Owner, And Operator        Of The Magical Thingite Time Machine336. The Beast337. Eggledina338. TheDirtyVicar - Chaplain To The Outcast And Disenfrachised339. Hermi the Cat - Thingite Feline Relaxation Therapist340. GodBen - The God Of Doors, Eunuchs And Cardealerships341. Marvin - Young, American, And Hopelessly Depressed342. Twig the pale343. Yosarian - Slayer Of Peckish Chickens And Thrower        Of Alarm Clocks344. Cliche - The Observer345. Feuille - the Un-Do-Able, Un-Are-Able, Un-Speak-Able        And Generally Un-Think-Able, And Over-User Of Hy-phens346. Cat-Eyes - The Lordest High Admiralest Of Hurting        Herself And Being A Blind Cripple And Smart-Ass        With Incessant Talking347. Juliana - Gatekeeper, Keykeeper,        Coffee-And-Bacon-Sandwich Provider348. AlsieBoo - Resident Twister Of Words, Fingers,        Backs And All Other Major Limbs349. Ted - (comments randomly and furiously on topics        he doesn't have the time or intelligence to understand),        The Cynic350. Orion - Chief Calculator Of Temperol Dynamics        And Moon Moaner351. Spectre - Thingite Lurker Of Dark Places352. The Waylander - Assassin Of The 'T' Word353. Beetie - Dejected Flying Saucepan354. alphabet_soup - Lord, Master And Equal Opportunities Employer355. OrangeMonk - Director Of Thingite Initiatives        (Western Hemisphere)356. redpeckhamthegrate357. Gag Halfrunt - Biscuit Quality Control358. Cyrano - Lord Of The Empire, God King Of Time,        Guardian Of The Continuum359. Svlad Cjellii - High Lord And Chancellor Of The Noble Knights        Who Do So Sayeth The Very Splendid And        Worthwhile Name Of Nee360. chronicle - SupremeUltimate And Verylastword        Of The Negotiated Dress Code361. no_deep_thought - "Who Strangled A Person Whom        Wanted Thursday To Stay As Thursday,        He Survived Though And I Still Want My Hands On        Any Non-Thingite And I May Not Kill Them But At Least        Make Them Believe" The Lord Of        Centaurs And E-Mail Junk Mail!362. Asprin - The Minister For DRUGS!363. debloich - Pocket Jeesus - The Lazer-Eyed Pocket Defender364. Why_hello - Sooth-Sayer Of Confusing And Pointless Things365. Forty_Two - The Royal Lady Of Rizzardini366. DancingBuddha - From The Ears Of Periwinkle Broadband        - Unthingable And Unthung ...        I Will Wax Eloquent Herein367. Duncan - Lord High Dragon Rider Of The Mounted        Thingite Legions, And Official Brewer Of        The Much Vaunted Thingite Coffee368. Graywolf22 - Nick - Overseer Of Oyster Production        And Lord Of The Fried Fish Pants369. neogiegue - Headmaster, CEO, And Superviser Of The        Committee Committed To Making Sure Nothing Gets Done370. TurboNed - INTRODUCING: "His ___ness, The Wimzerfrap        TurboNed" Where The "___" May Be Replaced        By Any Word That One Feels Is Applicable371. The Lemon Tea Strainer - Namer of -        Up Until Recently - Nameless, Yet Important Items372. Bill - Official Thingite Alchemist of Mass Proportions373. thefluffysardine - The One With The Fluff 374. Pierce the Pirate - Sole Protector Of The One Master Key        To The Chastity Belts Of All Female Thingites        (You Know: One Key To Rule Them All,        One Key To Bind Them And All That?)375. Martiansoup - Overlord Of Fondues And        All Things Cheesy (Except Jokes)376. The Rev Jack Russell - The right reverend Jack russell377. Damien Yukai - Poet Laureate Of Clan Thingite        And Official Penguin Chaser378. Researcher 232850 - The Devourer Of Men379. Taamyu The Confused380. Random Kiwi - Leader Of The Great Potato Revolution        And To A Lesser Extent The Chips/Crisps Argument381. Mad - The Unquestioned Mistress Of The Small Pieces        Of Half Disintegrated Broccoli In The Compost Heap.        Also The Mistress Of Spurple (A New Variation To Purple)382. The Ultimate Foot Of The Watermelon Toes383. manson_rocks - Crushed Coke Can384. bullet_proof - I HATE TH(bleep)DAYS385. Uncle Bob386. Brother Orangetrousers - Keeper Of The Bad Smells387. Melody - Musical Thingite And Owner Of Out-Of-Tune        Musical Notes!388. Watermusic - Mistress Of The Pack Of Thingite        Jack Russell Terrors (With Teeth)389. Almighty-Sokar - Misstwix Of The Firey, Red Planet        (Mars) Of Chocolate. Apprentice Thingite Speaker        Of Truth. Countess Of Flaws And Claws. Supervisor Of The        Construction Of Great Things, And God's Left Big Toe390. amazing_ralph - Cres-Purveyor Of All Things        That Are Small, Brown And Squelchy391. Luthiena - aka: Gerald Monarch Of The Giant Purple        Mushroom People392. Zimoon Master Of Extreme Custom Solutions393. Matthew the Raven - Doyen Of Dontbry394. (smooch)(loveblush)(cheers)(ok)(hug)        (tongueout)(choc)(cake)(tea)(tea)(tea)(bubbly)(ale)        (winkeye)(ale)(ale)(ale)(ale)(ale)(ok)(ale)(kiss)        (smiley)(biggrin)(laugh)(sadface)        Lord Ploder, Ruler Of The Extreme West And High        Emperer Of Thingy-Land, Son Of Packely,        The High King Of Rockely395. lapetitegecko - ickle thing396. Tarast - Head Bovine Trebuchet Trainer397. Fool of a Tiff - Purveyor Of Linty Goodness398. Trin Tragula - Curator Of The Index399. Sir Oakie de Luna - Thingite Minister Of Non-Concentric Mud Art400! Snackboy - Legenday Understatement401. DarkMaterials - The Officer Of Smells Of An Unknown Origin402. Lil - New Nurse To The Thingite Doctor403. The Steve - Drowner Of Fish404. Toastntea - Leader Of The Movement For The Conservation         Of Jirakkarakkas405. Spiffy - Thingite Head Of Medical Support        In Case Of Risky Outdoors Operations406. Steve - Commander Of The Fluff407. Terribly Irreverent Reverend408. David - Thingite Director General Of Tea409. Flix - Lighting Technician Of The Dimly Lit Rooms        Where Shady People Mumble Conspiratorially410. Ryan - 1st Thingite Sprog411. DarkElf - Thingite Of Doomliness And Other        Assorted Misguided Doings412. Gadarene (adjective)413. Fllrbny - Head Of Cheese414. The_Dark_Evil_One - The Big Purple One415. Mustard Seed - Pincher Of Peanuts And Pints416. Severa - Sacred Guardian Of All Things Squishy417. Gargaluga - Head Of The Committee To Ensure The Logicality        And Practicality Of All Important And        Necessary Ventures Decided Upon By The Committee        Of Deciding Upon Important and Necessary Ventures        Which are Impractical and Illogical418. Lostit - Instigator Of The Choas For The Thingites419. Big Bad Brielle McKale - Kingpin In Charge Of        Divisional Operations At The BOE420. Duncan - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn421. ENOHA - Lord Left Right Out. Leader Of The Lost.422. T-swizzle - Inventor Of Those Things That Go Beep423. Lil Grimmy - Minister Of Silly Walk424. Northern_Rebellion - Commander Of All Foul Creatures        With Big, Nasty, Pointy Teeth425. OneInchMan - Lord Of E.ffing The Ineffable426. Calmypal - Minister Of Ministry427. Deaths_domain - Thingite Doppelgänger428. Lord Khamsin - Thingite Protector Of The Credentially        Challenged And Thwarter Of Power Gamers429. gcjessica1989 - Not Sirius430. Commander SuperMoo - Grand Duke Of The Cows        And Thingite In Charge Of The BBQ Sauce431. Kewi - Bringer Of Spare Socks432. madmonk of wine and wibble - Contemplator Of All Those        Little Specky Things You Can Only See In The Sunlight,        But Everybody Seems To Think Are NOT Dust433. The Oracle - Knower Of All Things Random And Irrelevant        ... And I Get To Sit In A Really Cool Chair        Looking Ominous And Mystical...434. Arisztid Lugosi - Lady Of All Things Space Related        And Inexplicable435. A Random Person - Thingite Protector Of Putting        Useless And Unneccesary Commas Into Sentences        For No Apparant Reason436. Lady Sunflower - Official Gatherer Of The Rainbows        For Their Own Good, Keeper Of Daydreams,        And Dispenser Of No-Ill-Will437. Laura - High Priestess Of Tinned Pineapple        Eaten On The Top Of Windy Hills In        The Company Of Very Good Friends438. GentletGarble -,        (also tall and handsome)439. Midnight Ice - The Daughter Of a Cacophony Of        Chrysanthemums440. ReabeAlpha - Super Supreme High Ultra Ultimate        Lord Of The Machine Manufacture Of Titanium Sporks        Or SSHUULMMTS (Can Be Pronounced Shulmts)441. Ceesos - Second Undersecretary To The Thingite        Subcommitee On Paperclips And Part-Time        Fitness Instructor (Sodits Only)442. The Admiral - Commander-In-Chief Of The Imperial Thingite Navy443. John Coxon - Ambassador Of All Things Thing To The        Ignorant Heathens (With Occasional Side Duties Including        Sandwich-Making And Fetching Of Cups Of Tea)444. Laudatortemporisacti - Master Of Bizarre Thought,        Pizza Eating And General Messing Around445. Fujimar - Brother Of Marmajuke McManarse, Lord Of Things        That Don't Go Bump In The Night Like Fish        And Cabbage, Squire To Clive, The Not So Evil,        Just Misunderstood Hamster446. Kat - Thingite Psychoanalyst447. Sophandros - Minister Of Thaumaturgy And        Praeternatural Affairs448. mahargovich - The Right Honourable Member In Charge        Of Eating Pies449. The Liquid Warrior - In The Holy Crusade Against        The Tee Total Taliban450. mangodesk - Mwahahahahahaha451. Madman42q - The Mad Tea Maker452. Captain LeRue - Handyman453. Fred Zitt454. Laudatortemporisacti - Master Of Bizarre Thought, Pizza Eating        And General Messing Around455. The Mayan Templar - Lord "Mumbles" Sin-clair Bjork-Bjork        Eclair Jellybowl Of Quiche Lorraine XXXX, Varicosely        Peer Of The Jetty-sitters, Holder Of The Heavy Medal Of        The Skirmish Of Wholly Gruel, Wobbly-scone Of The House Of        yik-yik-yik-yik, Mentioned In The Court Circular Pastry,        And Hound456. Ruglots - The Rugged Collector Of Lots Of Rugs457. Sir Paul - The Watcher Of The Pretty Pink Ribbons458. Skankyrich - Executive Dogbody And Keeper Of The Royal Stool459. lucas42 - Unofficial Deputy Assistant Minster Of The Education        Of Medium Sized Cucumbers460. Mr Woodpigeon - Ultimate Hornet Of Mystical Proportions461. Phil_Anderson_PI - Official Private Investigator Of        The Great And Glorious Thingites,        And Keeper Of The Great White Seabadger,        Whos True Name Is        Hidden From Lesser Mortals But Shall From        Henceforth Be Named Steve462. mad boffin - Part Time House Ogre and Homework Enforcer463. Loopy_Cloz - Defender Of Loopiness And Being Random464. Magwitch - I Was Sitting On The Fence But My        Bottom Got All Ridgey So I Got Off465. Jlaxite - The Imaginary Swanky Dingo Mobster Who Only Exists        On The 22nd Day Of Every Month        That Isn't During A Leap Year466. Pazuzo - Prince Of Antarctica467. Dai the Death - Wearer Of The Lethal Long Johns        And Holder Of The Morticians Ball468. MysteriousOneWoS - Thingite Well Of Souls469. Allmighty Phil - Ruler Of The Many Mooseapleny        From Alpha Centari And Leader Of The MOOSE        (Ministry Of Overthrowing Stupid Establishments)470. CaptainNuge - Lord High President Of Stuff,        Star Trek And Pocket Lint And General Thurs*** Disliker471. royalleothelion - Royal Guard Of The Kings Potty472. needcaffeine - Rescuer, Slayer, Revolutionary,        Guardian Of Justice, Defender Of Crowns,        Best Prices Paid For Old Furniture, ps Pram For Sale473. holy_robot - Gratuitous Member474. no_genius - The One They Call The Ponderer Of The        Ultimate Question And Income Tax475. Nalsean the Almighty, Minister of Duct Tape and High Voltage, Finder of Keys476. Animal - He Who Is A Thingummie Thingite Thingy Thing To        The Wotsit477. Voojajig - Ky, Duke Of Irradiated Gerbils, Senior Assistant        Librarian In Charge Of Spork-Related Literature,        And All-Around General Cretin And Nincompoop478. Kristian Clarke - Priory Thingite Hero Of Year 6479. Richard Lloyd - Priory Thingite Priest Of Year 5480. Dominic Lennon - Priory Keeper Of Giant Bunnies481. Tasterainbows - Official Taster Of Skittles And Jelly Beans482. Maary - Knower Of Everything, But At The Same Time Nothing483. The Kid - Chief Mechanic Of Air Force 13484. bubba-fretts - Official Thingite Blasphemer485. Hel 2 - Official Thingite Heretic486. dragonqueen - Eternally Free And Forever Untamed -        Guardian Of The Other Wind And        The Mills That Runs By It487. camarade thingite chupito - Ambassador Of Thingitism        In France And Groland488. Cowboy - Karate Cowboy489. Baron Shaggy - Minister Of Nothing In Particular490. Major Basil of The Menobo Amputators - MA HONS        (usage of blotcroppers)491. xanthippi - The Nut With The Scythe492. Black Leopard493. First Sergeant Drunky McDrunkdrunk - Head-Basher Of Lockers,        Doors, Random Concrete Blocks And Stangers;        Covert Warrior Against Inanimate Objects And        Lover Of The Female lLoveland YAC494. Jemstone - Psychobunny Of The Apocalypse495. Excelsior - Finder Of Lost Things496. Xavier The Magic Penguin - Not-So-Good-Thinker-Up-Of-Titles497. Belmatt - Guardian Of The String Vest,        Wielder Of The Towel Of Terror499. Zeek - Super-Duper-Mega-Secret Thingite Agent 006-1/2        (Or Super-Duper-Mega-Secret Thingite Agent        Double-Oh-Six-And-A-Half, If You Prefer) -        I'm So Secret Nobody Knows I Exist!500! SayHeyJay - Royal Overseer Of Navigation..        Maps?! We Don't Need No Stinkin Maps!501. lazy-mazie - Thingite Warrior Princess502. Firenze - Fountain Of Random Knowledge503. MadHank - Grand Gamer Greg504. Gekko - Stairs? What Stairs?505. Pie_is_good - Official Thingite Thrower Of Pies        And Other Assorted Pastries506. yardwater - Grand Stagnator507. Denicoje - Narrator Of Useless Information        And Supreme Guardian Of The Mini Bar508. Senior Gibbon - Chairman Of The Foundation For The Removal        Of Nasty Splinters From Orphaned Marsupials509. Elwyn_Centauri - Geat510. Designmonkey - Painter Of Witty Remarks On Bombs511. Nalogg - Absolutely Positively NOT A Top Secret        Undercover Thingites Ninja512. Mariella Jujubee - Herder of the Thingite Clan's        Overly Enthusiastic Goldfish513. Plugsocket - High Priest Of Acrobatic Action514. Sakamoto_Kaito - Lord Priest Of The Thingite !!!!T!!!!        Temple, And Keeper Of The T With The Use        Of The WOM And The Spork515. MutePoint - Martin Kemp, Official Gatekeeper To The        Fallopian Tubes Of The 12 Virgins Of Wibble,        And The Lesser-Administrator        Of Cucumber Sandwiches516. A small lumpy creature from Alpha Centauri -        Galactic Animal Rescue517. Superbrit - Superus Briterus Thingy518. PlasticFork - Lord High Protector of Plastic Cutlery        and Eater of Pasties519. Merrymoon - Spreader Of The Thingite Gospely520. MajorGeneralBrokenRecord - Commander In Chief Of        Repeatedly Shouted Repeated Orders521. CuriousHamster - Gatekeeper To The Gazebo        Of The Undefined Amphibian Underlord522. Mee 218 - Prime Lord And Guardian Of        The Chickens Of Framlingham523. *Chaos*Nicko* - Australian Fish Based Artillery Commander524. Astro-Nomer - Towel Warmer525. Pep - Carrier Of The Sacred Pepper Dispenser,        Guardian Of The Sea Salt And        Defender Of The Malt Vinegar526. Lady Era - Mistress Of All Things That Are        Perfectly Normal But Refuse To Act That Way527. Sharkbait - Official Seamstress To The Thingite Army528. Pattichild - The 'Old' Wibble Of Narniay529. DrFrobischer - Official Abacus Polisher And Haiku Eraser530. Varindweion - Bearer Of The Chocolate-Spangled        Banner And Guardian Of The Holy Cacao Tree531. Phredde the Psychologically disturbed penguin        from prague (and her atomic friend, Polonium)        - Princess Of Warrington532. pinkwrath - Keeper Of The Official Thingite Punching Dummy533. Nelly-Whoop - The Right Honourable Chief Of Planet Raynspuck,        Home Of The Chubby-Chubby Grandma People        And Hairy Carrots534. 2_headed_dude - moked - Protector Of The Protectors535. Ender - Who Never Votes For, Always Against536. Senor_Onion - The Guy With The Suff And The Onion Thingy        And And Ham Oooh!!!! SHINY!!!!! What Was I Talking About?        Hmmm I Think I'm Standing In A Onion537. Whamster - Guardian Of All Things Leather538. archShade - Lord Of Dimension 5 And A Half539. florencetheimaginary - Official Protector Of The Small,        Rare, Pink, Sparkly Screwdrivers For The Thingites540. baldeagle072 - the music man541. Eddie_sixtimesseven - Avenger Of The Lost Weekends And Vacations542. kyuketsuki - Dave Crowned Prince Of The Amish543. Melodious_Funk Have Spork Will Travel544. Tyashi - Supreme Overlord Of The United Protectorate        Territories Of Earth545. Ford Prefect Hates Thurs...Things!546. taz-the-hedgehog - Second Protector Of Monkey The Monkey And        Eater Of Pineapples547. ENeerg - aka Whomever - Grand Physicist Hyperbeing Of The Seventh        Reich Of The Time-Space Continuum, Commander-In-Chief        To The Jugglers, Offical Nuclear Warfare Cowaring Expert,        And Assistant Reader Of Meaningless Gibberishf548. Cosmic Llama - Horder Of Coffee Spoons And        Miscellaneous Shiny Things549. Kitush - Lady Of The Thingite550. Evad - The Angry And Slightly Benevolent Viking King551. Flying Penguin - Chief Engineer Of Alcohol Fuelled Jet Engines552. Fizzymouse - Grand Guardian Of Interdimensional Portals Known        Locally As Air Conditioning Units553. Edchef - Guardian Of All Things Forgotten, Only To Turn Up When        Not Needed, But Always A Nice Surprise Though554. Teri_Whoo_77 - Goddess Of Whoo And American Ambassador To        The Council Of Thing555. Darth Yogurt - Fear The Power Of The Schwartz!        (And My Titanium Lightspork)556. Lord Wolfden The Wolfthingy557. Edchef - Guardian Of All Things Forgotten,        Only To Turn Up When Not Needed,        But Always A Nice Surprise Though558. Bobbyjoe - Protector Of The Thingite Vending Machine        And King Among Men (My Vending Machine        Days Are Numbered!)559. deathbychezegrater - Captain Jack Narrows560. Evan Halpine - Janitor And Resident Small Mammal Expert561. Scion234 - Associate Legal Counsel To The        Professional Rear Gunnery Football Kabal        Of Southwest Beagleton562. Arthurd3nt - The Thing That Crawled From Betelgeuse563. godisaheathen - Minister For Stuff564. Smigg-the-Miserable - Pirate Captain-Rascal Of The Spanish Main565. Jews in Space - Guardian Of All Things Avian566. Samikan - Chief Cutter-Of-Bagels567. Tom - Lord Of The Cybermen568. Lostsoldierthree - Thingite Binman And Knight Of The Dustbin569. Straighttalker - The Pussycat Thingite570. derbyshirelad - Lord Of The High Peak And Grand Thingy        Of The Waste And Howling Wilderness571. Brown eyed girl - Empress Of The Jovian Empire Of Paperclips572. cyber squirrel- The Squirrel With Sensitive Teeth573. Suitsat - Grand Keeper Of Cheat Codes,        All Time Loser At Hunt The Wocket574. For I Am The Egglicious Master Of All Known        And Unknown Filing Cabinets And Lost Staplers (Call Me Phil)575. Spike - The Marquis Of Cranberry576. Navigator Black - The Keeper Of The Pirate Cor577. cosmicdudeman - Minister Of "Certain Substances Of A Certain Nature"578. Fornia aka My_favorite_Fornia579. B'Elana - Applewine Sommelier And Lady Of The Green Sauce580. Rigwoodie Waldgrave - Supreme Victim Of All Kicksey-Winsey Fizgigs581. EvilClaw - Devourer Of Logic582. JohnnyK - Thingite Acolyte, Cleaner Of Sporks,        Tracer Of Pixel Cats Who Walks Through MBs583. CoastGuardian - Stubber Of Toes On Logic, Vengeful        Cousin Of Fate, And Cadet In Training To Figure Out        Why The Number 2 Looks So Funny And Why Pants Are Necessary584. Ensign Phil - Commander Of The Marxist Rabbits Battle Fleet585. MegaChedda - Cheesey Thing Chief586. RoboTwig - Keeper Of The Blessed Turnip And Reaper        of the Weak and Puny Th***day (Possessor of The Soap,        Friend of the Filthy and the Unclean)587. Bob Stafford - Bob Of The House Of Palindromes,        Spork Finder General, Shirereeve Of The Province Of Llamedos588. LlamaHiccupHitchiker - The Prophet Of The Spork589. Towelology- Head Towel Researcher, And Master Fabricator Of Evidence        Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction For Whenever We Feel Like        Blowing Someone/thing/country Up590. Towel Guy - Thingite Rock591. Plebis - Sayer Of 'Sodit!' And Arch Recruiting Sergeant592. Phaid the Deranged (and silly) - Supreme Commander Of Swauk Creek        And All things Blewett593. glamgal30 - Proud Of Th***day Being Called 'Thing'594. Kiwisap - Thrower Of Bananas And Master Of Pineapples595. Hayayfi - Grand Imperial Countess And Keeper Of The Sacred Chalice Of The        Seventh House Of Betazoid And Wildflowers/Insects        And Other Nature Like Stuff596. Natholie - The Holy Nat: "It Of The Alone And Unaware,        Of Grace And All That Is Too [choco]Late"597. TBD598. TBD599. TBD600! Aximili - Welcomer Of The Newly Converted And Feeder Of        Boris The Th(bleep)dayite-Eating SpiderCheer up? WHY?!?smiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale


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