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The Clique has begun opening its doors to new alliances, which are listed below...
The H2G2 Assassin's guild
smiley - ghost
nil mortifi sine lucure

The Clique Orbital One

If you decide to go into space, the Clique has an orbital station at A3695763 , and you can go there, but be sure to sign in there before posting. Clique members only.

Joining the Clique!

Before you, you see a strange structure, which has a sign proclaiming- "Clique Main Offices"
Clique Headquarters- Birds eye view.

So, if you have chosen a position in the Clique, if you'd sign this please:

Sign up

Please submit the following information for subscription purposes:
U number: U
Favoured section: (delete as appropriate Science/Security/Medical/Special Forces/Intelligence/Secretary/Crewman in orbit/Rebel Faction
Special talents:
How you could help the Clique:

You sign in, seeing already written down:
Captain Nuge: Overall leader smiley - moonsmiley - moonsmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Hematitedude: Second in command and leader of hematite operationssmiley - moonsmiley - moonsmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Mcgaxs: Encryption Expertsmiley - moonsmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Captain LeRue: Chief of Securitysmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Farlock- Chief Morphersmiley - moon
Hussassan- Research and Development department headsmiley - moonsmiley - crescentmoon
Cal Foruntuneswell- Head of Special Operationssmiley - moonsmiley - crescentmoon
Lil old me Fortuneswell- Manager's secretarysmiley - moonsmiley - moon
AFGNCAAP-Special Forces operativesmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Liquid Warrior-Intelligence operativesmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Dr Anthea- Chief Science Officersmiley - moonsmiley - moonsmiley - moon
Geddon- Science Officer.smiley - moonsmiley - moon
Security Cadet Zem smiley - planet Cadet Dave Harkness- Science section smiley - planet
Cadet Andrew Zhou- Special Forces smiley - planet

Supreme Commander Black Leopard-Evil Arch-Nemisis of the Clique
cloned MADman- Black Leopard's second in command

Having submitted your details, you walk through the gate, and into the managers office to recieve your position.

If you have decided to join REBEL, the organisation who oppose the Clique, join here:

I Want to join the REBELs!!!

U Number:
Evil Talents:
Level of evil(1-10):
Why the Clique sucks:
How you can punish the Clique

This is our new badge, thanks go to Reefgirl who helped set it up. The code is in the "Badge Code" thread. Have fun!!!

The Clique
Clique Headquarters, a birds eye viewUncle Nuge needs you!!!

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