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Clique Database Picture- Earth, planet designation 000000000001

Welcome aboard

The Station on which you now stand is the first in a line of Clique Stations orbiting planets. Above is the Clique database graphic representing Earth.

This station is used for many purposes, mainly research and development. It is reachable by shuttle, and allows for greater control over Clique forces on a planet. It monitors the meteorilogical and geological features of a planet, the data of which is relayed to a Clique outpost on the Planet and then to people to whom it is relavant. This is a failsafe, meaning that if a planet's Clique outpost is incapacitated or destroyed, the Clique Orbital Station can maintain control until the outpost is replaced.


The Clique Orbital Stations contain full armouries, and have laze-blaster emplacements around the outer hull. These are basically upgrades of the laze-pistols and rifles, and proportionally more powerful. Torpedo bays are embedded in the hull also, allowing for a back-up defence mechanism. Protective shielding is also in place.

Preventative Measures

The Clique Orbital Stations all have life-support systems with redundant backups which will function for 48 hours after all other systems have been destroyed or incapacitated. The station has escape pods for up to 1000 occupants and a re-entry system with a manual override if it is necessary.


The spacedock is accessable via spacecraft, but it is standard protocol to sign in when you come aboard:

Sign up

Please post your Username and Position here to show you are aboard.

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