The Clique- History and Rules of Conduct.

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Basic History

The Clique is a secret online organisation, created by the founding three, Captain Nuge, Hematitedude and McGaxs. Unfortunately, McGaxs and Hematitedude have left Hootoo to explore other means of annoying the world's populace, leaving Captain Nuge in charge of the whole shebang. Ah well.

Rules and regulations

The Clique is a secret organisation that has found its way here, after a brief spell in Warwickshire. It is obvious that this is a powerful organisation, as there are several men and women in military uniform walking around and talking. At the gate is a sentry in a small hut with a gate that swivels up. He is watching a monitor as you approach, looks up, and says- "Welcome to Clique HQ. I'd like to take this time to explain a few of the rules and roles.


Some things to abide by first. Think up a character and stick to it. Make sure the character isn't too evil, if you are, you may be asked to leave. If, on the other hand, you purposely WANT to be evil, you can join the REBEL faction. REBEL is described a bit elsewhere. If you have to say something Out Of Character to someone, then use the greater than (Shift and full stop) and less than (Shift and comma) marks around the text to show you aren't actually saying anything in character.
To show you are doing something, use asterisks- * around the text to show it is describing your actions.
Using the ~ symbol around your text shows it is a telepathic message, and people other than the one it is said to cannot hear it.
These are fairly standard across hootoo and you will encounter them often.

The Clique Orbital One

If you decide to go into space, the Clique has an orbital station at A3695763 , and you can go there, but be sure to sign in there before posting. Clique members only.

Roles within the Clique

When you sign up, you'll have to pick a section.This section will be the deciding factor in what your job will be and where you will work. The command element of the Clique is not open, as the successor of any of the current 3 leaders is picked in advance, so if one leaves or is killed off, their replacement will take over from them.
The roles are: Science,Security,Medical,Special Forces, Intelligence,Secretary and Outpost regulator. There have also been rumours of a rebel faction of the Clique, which has begun forming.
If you chose to join the Science section, you will be involved in designing of weapons and new equipment. You will work closely with the medical section.
If you join the Medical section, you will mainly care for sick and wounded, working with the science section in the creation of vaccines and cures.
If you join the security section, you will help make up the main body of the Clique Peacekeeping Forces. These are the elite of any military, anywhere, and are led by Captain LeRue.
The Special Forces are like the SWAT team of the Clique, a band ofhighly trained negociators and assassins, known for their "unconventional" means. They are sent in when the going gets tough.
If you join Clique Intelligence, you will be involved in infiltration of enemy territory and discovering information. A good position for gossipers.
Join up as a secretary, and you won't be drafted into military service, you'll take care of the paperwork while the military section does the fighting. A good position for pacifists.
If you become an outpost regulator, you will be expected to take care of the threads, checking that nothing immoral is happening.

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