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howto have hootoo on your phone! Whoohoo!!!

In the begining there was
now there is man...

and there still is nothing becuase the Universe is infinite and anything can exist, so there there must be nothing (and everything) out there, and, oh never mind, it's far to complicated for you...

*Melts out of shadows*

Hi 1.


Habitait:Scotland4.The United Kingdom
Favourite Music:That of the Scottish Highlands.
Favourite Band: Madness

A thief, an assassian, a sith5, Siver Sword player, owner of an adopted squirrel and robin and a magicain. Man I must be one Zark of a jerk (don't comment).

I also am a citizen (thingy) of the Shadow Realm.
Shadow Realm
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Shadow Realm
Visit us at A2438750

Adopted PetA red-breasted European robin.Abigail

Adopted PetA rare red squirrel - found in large numbers along the Sefton Coastal Footpath.Andrew

The H2G2 Assassin's guild
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nil mortifi sine lucure


Official Silver Sword Player
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Silver Sword; an Interactive Fantasysmiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

Playin' it and lovin' it!

I'm also a WeerVampireBeastie.
WerebeastiesWerekitty the werekittyDr. Anthea the WerekittenNevermore the WerehumanCatwoman the original H2G2 Werecat - a freak of un-natureSt. Jon Quixote the werewhitetigerPhoniex the weresnowleopardRalph the Wonder Llama, the ex-were-Bugblatter, now Werecatblatter (half cat, half bugblatter)Mystrunner the wereangelSchrodinger's Cat Flap the weresiamesecatNarapoia the WerelemurReefgirl the WerevixenFlying Betty the WeredragonAries the WerewolfDragantha the Werehuman (normally a dragon)DrunkenDeath the Weresnake (literally legless)Gangorlas the White the WerewolfcatMadpea the WereelvenwingedcatarooCraxus the Werebalrog (pround owner of a Nazgul)Archaris the WerephoenixHis Divine Shadow the WerewookieMombassa the WerethunderbirdPantherlady the WerepantherLimitless the WerelionMetroid the WeremetroidHappysuggs the burgundy WerehedgehogMullet the Weremullet (a kind of fish)The Average Joe the WeregorillaHeavyasMetal the WerewolfSerephina the WereleopardHelelou2 the WereferretGaia the Weresphinxcrazyhorse the WerelionbullW??h릮bsp;?α}?屫 the WerehydraCael the WerepantherWhat is rule one? the Wereblacktigerpdante the Wereantbob3559 the WerecatSilunaka the WerefishyE󩮦nbsp;the firebreathing WeretermiteTacysa the Tapdancing Turkey Taker's Werecow artichoke (cos there's always one)Kiro Yukai the WeredragonFloridaSailor the WeresharkExcelsior the Werewolfcinnamon_spider the WereMacaroniPenguinDamien Yukai the WeresabretoothedpenguinIsross the WereWyvernRaekor the WeredragonKhamsin the WereGreatCrestedNewt Cat-Eyes the WeredragonUncle Bob the WeretigerHeath Flowen the WereChinese-Dragonjonsix the WereLemurGriffin the natural WerecatThe Admiral the WereGiantSquidRecklessnes the WerecatLaudatortemporisacti the WereSpiderKat the pocket WereLigerCapit௦nbsp;Black Leopard the WereWeaselDragonqueen the WeredoctorEddie_sixtimesseven the WerebabelfishZaphob the WerevampireNaped Ha'Pre the WereratGet the Code for this list Become a werebeast yourself

I'm also a worker for the Lemming Party.

Vote BL '06


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Have you seen my Guide entry? It's called The Universe, creation of [dimensional theory].



Since (almost) everyone can make their U-number into 42, the few who can't make their U numbers into 42 must be messengers from the H2G2 gods!

Rev.Tedds Zaphobsmiley - biggrin

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I can be contacted here and at DevaintART.

*Melts into shadows*
1Yes I SHALL eat you next...2Funnily enough, it isn't.3You hadn't guessed?4Bonnie Dundee5


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