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smiley - Yeah so I got bored one day and started writing my autobiography and a list of all my homepages.

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The Artist Formerly Known as Nerd42

The Wall of Flame

All the crazy stuff people have said about me

"Personally I've always felt that people who know things like that are quite dangerous."
"It is obvious that your sense of order demands clear and logical thought and action. You believe that things must be defined. That communication ought to be concise and precise. You believe that discussion can achieve concensus. I get the impression you are a clean living optimist and a small 'c' conservative. And I admire you for it.

Some here really have discriminated against you and I'm glad to see you standing your ground. Because whether I agree with you or not, I'd much rather listen to someone who is sure of themselves. Oh wait, you said that."

"my guess is he'll be spoutin again as soo as rush limbaugh gives him a few more ideas"
"right wing fanatics rule go rush"
"rush limbaugh for president lmbosmiley - "
"Okay, you *asked* for that, waving the red Ashcroft flag"
"wow, I thought ashcroft supporters hung out with santa, the tooth fairy and Iraq's WMD"
"Of course conservatives think.

They think how can we stay rich and continue to do nothing but leach of the hard working majority of the world.

They think lets throe the liberals a bone and give them a rehabilitation centre for young offenders who have been locked up and lack the social skills to go straight. Just not-in-my-back-yard."

"I cannot help but regard your referring me to Fox News as a sneer and a deliberate, calculated insult. I would trust Fox News no further on *any* subject, than I could throw an elephant!"
"Ahh, that feels nice. I'll go watch some Fox News now. Maybe some talk radio so I don't even have to form any independant opinions."
"so you dont believe in evolution then are you a member of the flat earth society as well"
"Wow, Nerd42, you seem to be having several episodes of self-gratification today!

Good for you.

Everybody needs a little release."

"I am very sorry for you if you lack the basic education or the mental capacity to understand evolutionary science but I think it is more a case of the pigheaded ignorance of the facts that you have displayed on this and other threads that stands between you and enlightenment. Although the first instance is a sad one atleast the second bears the hope that you will one day wake up and smell the coffee. I am a big fat liar. I said that I was going to stop describing you in negative ways because it was rude and unecessary. The truth is that I just cant find the words that are adequate for your level of stupidity and bigotry."
"I'm also rather depressed that you still think skin colour doesn't matter, true it shouldnt but if you look at the real world and not the Fox approved version of reality you might just begin to see how very wrong you are."
"HU is of course correct when he states that the US is corrupt and dangerous. Actually, I would say very corrupt and extremely dangerous. To deny this would be to proclaim your ignorance of historical facts and current political SOP."
Aww, poor Patriot has been cursed at. Are you going to be ok?

You can bet my cousin, whos is serving in Iraq right now would curse at you too for your unquestionable alligence to the president who through misinformation and downright lies, sent him there.

I think people probably cursed at you out of frustration. I've been there, almost. It seems to frustrate people very much when they have to deal with individuals who cannot see the corruption in this administration, when it staers them in the face. Almost daily, there are new allegations of corruption, lies, shady deals etc., pretty much an endless supply. I'm not saying they're all true, but just the fact that there are some many of them should make a wiseman suspicous.

"And then to defend this administration in the name of patriotism is so hyocritical it almost makes me want to curse as well."

"I will continue to wholeheartedly support and join in with anyone who abuses, insults, humiliates, embarrasses, and yes, threatens this dude. I don't care anymore. You people simply do not know who and what you are dealing with."
""What's that I hear you you say? No, I haven't finished picking on the Nerd. It's like my morning coffee."

My response to the above? smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

Official Silver Sword Player
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smiley - bigeyessmiley - wizardMale Halfling Wizard Gandark Underhill.
Special Abilities: Blue Magic, Purple Magic.
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The Artist Formerly Known as Nerd42

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