The Universe, creation of [dimensional theory]

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The Universe, Creation of

(dimensional theory)

Yet another theory of how the Universe was created comes from the mouth of a young Earth boy, Earth as we know has been demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass thus taking the little boy's theory with it. But the theory survived in the other dimensions1 and has, somehow, reached this dimension.

The theory is this;

"The Universe can not have been created in this dimension, this is because it is infinetly big and since nothing can have existed to create a infinetly big thing in this dimension so it must have come from another."

When people started to ask how it came from another dimension, the boy answered by saying that the our rules of mass, gravity, age, movement, ect. don't necessarily apply to that dimension, there might be no such thing as movement or it might be altered so much they seem like they are something completely different. So someone, in a differnet dimension, could create a infinetly large thing and turn it into a mix of any number of dimensions2.
When the people heard this they told him to stop being such a smartassed egghead. They then mugged him and threw him down into a deep river seconds before the Earth was destroyed3.


Written by Zaphob,

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1They got destroyed to but, hey, that's just the way gets the cookie completely stompped on and obliterated.2Since dimensions don't nesscessarily take up the same space no one got crushed.3In this dimension that is.

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