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I say, I say, I say, welcome one and all to the h2g2 FOOLS' GUILD1!

It's not toilet humour, it's err! erm! decorative porcelain!!! A toilet with the lid shutting

Duly noted here, in The World of H2G2 - The Countryside - click this sentence


Art thou a fool?.Do you wish to be a fool?, or art thou a fool already, then your are half way there. But do you YEARN to be a FOOL, HANKER to be able to act DAFT, LONG to show others your MIRTH and MERRIMENT.

Then look no further than THE FOOLS GUILD, feel free to wander its pages and to add your own personal WIT, by joining us.(see lower down)

In the meantime, have a smiley - flan custard pie or two in the face smiley - flan

Silhouette of a man cocking a snook. By Community Artist Matt.

or visit our friends in the
Assassins Guild

Guild Badges

  • Lord High Fool: smiley - jester
  • Complete Fool: smiley - silly
  • Arch Fool: smiley - somersault
  • Stupid Fool: smiley - nahnah
  • Tomfool: smiley - tongueout
  • Fool: smiley - weird
  • Sheep: smiley - sheep
  • Clown: smiley - clown
  • Juggler: smiley - footinmouth
  • Bloody Fool: smiley - rofl

Guild Motto: Dico, dico, dico.

Preferred Foolish Title (see table for examples):

Senior Fools

Lord High Fool smiley - jesterJoe C
Total Fool smiley - clownsmiley - jesterProf Animal Chaos(Full blown idiot 24/7)
Complete Fool smiley - sillyBLT (Oblivious Fool)
Arch Fool smiley - somersaultAnthea (Court Fool)
Stupid Fool smiley - nahnahKat ('Special with a capital R' Fool)
Tomfool smiley - tongueoutLittleMissFordPrefect (Strawberry Fool)


Fool smiley - weirdWonko (Wonko Fool)
Khamsin  smiley - rofl (Insane Fool)
ButtDoctor Unscrupulous (Blundering Fool)
Watermusic (Garden Fool)
Uncle Bob (Complete Fool)
AK (Dark Fool)
DupeLuckybluestar (Stupid Fool)
al_k_holic (Drunken Fool)
Master B (Gibbering Fool)
fujimar (smiley - sheep)
GullEmmily (Error Making Fool)
Terri & Yoda (Not a gooseberry)
Laudatortemporisacti (Aloof Fool)
MugginsBold Ferret (Destroyer of Tuesday Fool)
Ping (Water Fool)
Black Leopard (smiley - sheep)
Merrymoon (Foolishly Foolish Fool)
arrietty42 (Simple Fool)

Fools Guild Member's Names and Membership Numbers1.LittleMissFordPrefect * scfitu * KoRCS * PS of the ....*
2. Master B Come and play Phantasy Phootball 2005-06 A4457739
3. Emmily~Diva.. (Ace/Guru/Scout/Human ;-)) ~ I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. ;)
4.Dr Anthea - ACE / Artist (Falice Enlen)(Alicia Brmyn) A1123372
5. Terri and Yoda, cheese box creators extraordinaire (ferrets and mandolins a speciality.)
6.Joe C (Sub)
7.Kat (scouting for you)-Visit Peer Review to Help Entries into the Edited Guide
8. Wøñkø †hë |ñšåñê
9.AK - fancy that!
10.Doc U
11. Captain Khamsin "The Assassins A1123372"
12.BLT: Not dead - yet
14. Uncle_Bob - Back In Black
15. luckybluestar
16. Laudatortemporisacti... Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, then it's not the end.
17.Fenrir the bad wolf / black leopard / lemming - Head of the Restite Knights and Honarary Protector of Tuesday
20.Prof Animal Chaos..creator of the Notice and Notice 2..insane,but readable
21.Bold Ferret - God of Three Sided Squares, Helium Filled Lemmings and A Slightly Bent Teaspoon
22. Ping
23. merrymoon
24. arrietty42
25. spawn of grinch (leni)
26. EvilAl (Penguat) m
29.Dr Megabite
32.Plasticrockchick-Queen of the Fire
34.Ducky. Chief CPU.CEO
41.The Thinker
42.Douglas Noel Adams - Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy - With Deepest Respects

From the suggestion of a Fools Guild member and a brilliant suggestion it was!
In memory and deepest respects.
Member Number 42 is hereby Honorary awarded to:-
Douglas Noel Adams -
For without Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy, there would be no H2G2/Hootoo and without Hootoo there would be no Fools Guild.

Information about Douglas Noel Adams - click this sentence

Senior Fools can also apply for a post in the Bloody Fools2 (the Guild Enforcers), who police fooldom in the constant search for tellers of unregistered jokes, lack of prescribed honking and unlicensed foolery of all kinds. They patrol the Guild buildings and other entertainment venues, providing a swift, memorable response to deal with transgressions in immediate and amusing3 ways.

If you need any help around here, from getting directions to the nearest Norwegian-controlled hovercraft port, to finding someone to provide custard pies in 20 assorted flavours in a handy carry case, go and see the sheep's roomsmiley - sheep.

Or visit the :-

The Lord High Fools Office
The Sheeps Room
The Most Foolish Room of All
The Turnips Quarters
In a Corner
Bouncy Normo Memorial Fridge.

Fools Guild badges....


˜ ˜ ˜
A phone book
˜ ˜ ˜
"Ring Here for the Men in White Coats!"



Put you own member number and name

˜Member No:20˜
"Prof Animal Chaos"

To copy one or more badges to your own Personal Space, here’s how to do it!

At the top of this page, where it gives you the serial number for this thread –
ie: /h2g2/brunel/A2080054. If you click on the bar and delete the "A" and replace it with the word "TEST" .(example = test2080054), then press enter on your keyboard, this will take you in to the "edit/update" set up. There you can copy and paste to your personal space in the edit/update mode. You can them amend the name and member number to your own
and if it's a "U" number like mine "U1046172" then change the "U" and write "testuserpage".(example = testuserpage1046172), then you can "borrow" stuff from the researcher and again, copy and paste to your personal space.
1Officially registered as ~The Fools Guild~ Joculators, Jesters, Idiots and Clowns.2Officially the Jolly Good Pals.3Well, to passers-by, anyway.

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