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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Greetings stranger, we sensed your interest...
Anybody can become one with the Farce and join our merry band of Jedi. Only by joining can you bring the right kind of imbalance to this game...


There are five levels of Jedi thus far:
-Jedi Council
-Jedi Master
-Jedi Knight / Jedi Healer

When you join you'll immediately become a Padawan - an apprentice - with your own jedi name. You will be assigned a Knight as your own guardian whom will work with, and teach you with a lightsaber. When your Knight is fully confident with your abilty, he/she will address the Council and you will be granted Jedi status. Working with your Knight, but treated as an equal, you will be taught how to be mindful of the Force (ie Force Power). Impress your 'teacher' enough and he/she might suggest that you are ready for 'The Trials'. The Trials will test your ability with your saber and powers. Be entertaining enough-- I mean good (*ahem*) and you will become a Knight yourself, and if so choose, a padawan for yourslf to groom and mould in your image... or be confident enough to do missions alone...

Or do you want to play something other than Jedi? If so, talk with us in the join-up thread to see if it's feasable.

Attack of the Links

"I am not part of this... But I should be!"(join here)

It is recommended that you subscribe to both Announcement and Request threads to be up to date with Academy goings on and updates.

The err.. Rule

Dramatis Personae

When the Sith are we?! -The Star Wars Timeline

The Geography!
Current places in the galaxy far, far, away...2

-Yavin IV

-Outer/Inner Space
-Unknown Regions

-Alaris Prime
-Alzoc III
-Arras IV***4
-(Barab I)
-Mon Calimari
-Nal Hutta
-Nar Shaddaa
-Ord Mantell
-Raxus Prime
-Rhen Var

Across the Stars

Prehaps the most important factor in this game is pliablility. RPGs tend to be overly difficult to get going with :: :: and numerous statistics.
Here on h2g2 there are RPGs that are free, simple and above all easy to use where you play a part in a story, not just hoardes of villains to fight, letting you have the most interesting experiences where you have have a ROLE. Not just a drone that is one of many.
The following RPGs on h2g2 allow you to be significant (even if in a small way) toward a plot which evolves and expands to create worlds which encourage imagination. In the end that's better for everyone.

Jedi Academy (Star Wars)
Red Dwarf (sci-fi)
Stargate Command (sci-fi)
The Magicians Guild (fantasy)


Unless created by players all Star Wars names, places and identifiers are otherwise owned by Lucas Licensing.
Please note that by creating a character for use in this RPG, you are allowing for that character's name and actions to be used on any Jedi Academy RPG pages on h2g2 for storytelling purposes.

1Episode VII - IX prologues2Note that this an unofficial, incomplete map set to what would have been accurate in the Old Republic Era3Brackets denote planet has been destroyed.4Not official Star Wars planet

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