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The Magicians Guild, in Imardin, was set up to help protect the city against pure evil. Since its creation, over a millenia ago, the Guild has become a stron asset to Imardin, and has proved itself to be invaluable to the city's defense. When, in the past twenty years or so, the Dark Alliance regrouped and began to attack, the King asked the Magicians to protect the city at all costs.

The High Lord at that time was Craxus Nec'roy. Using his great power and influence, Craxus worked with the Guard and the King to create alliances with all the major Nobles in Imardin, gathering a pool of moneys with which to defend Imardin. He built six outposts outside of Imardin to stop the Dark Alliance from entering their terrority. The first five were built upon the elements in which their roots lay: life, fire, water, metal and air. The sixth outpost, admittedly the most tactically important, was taken over during its construction by the Dark Alliance.

The Magicians are the elite warriors of Imardin, whether they be Scholars, Healers, or any other school. As such, they are given the most authority in the outposts. This was Craxus's doing. Even at Adept level, a Magician can take over an outpost in the most dire of circumstances and defend it to the best of their abilities.

It is said that with great power comes greater responsibility, and it is this epithet that rules the Magicians' hearts. They are expected to give up their lives in defense of the fair city, if that is what is needed. Craxus, and his second in command, Elandra Pawel, set a high standard for the other Magicians to live up to in this regard. True hearts are few and far between in these dark times. Craxus is missing and with the King assassinated, Elandra Pawel commands the Kingdom of Imardin.

Will you support your people? Will you do all you can to save your friends, your families? The Magicians Guild needs pupils, and Imardin needs its defenders. Are you ready to become one of the best?

The Magical Order:

High Lady:

High Council:





And here is the list of inactive members of the Guild. All those months ago, did you join? Don't see your name on the lists above? Check the inactive list and see if you're on there. If you are, and you want to come back, just post a request here and we'll get right back to you.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge and aiding against the Dark Alliance then

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If you want to learn a little more about what goes on, check out:

Warriors and Enchantment

Healers Guide to Magic

A Guide to Caretaker Magic

Rules and Regulations

The official badge

ééIn the Magician's Guild.


Do you wish to know of all the races near and in Imardin? Well look no further...

All the locations:

The main city:

  • Imardin - The main city; this is where the main defense is against the Dark Alliance.
  • Magicians Guild - Located in Imardin, this is the only defense of the city has to offer.

The traveling roads:

Magicians Guild Outposts:

Outposts controlled by the Dark Alliance:

Realms of the World:

Other Places:

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