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One of the most important aspects of being a Warrior in the Guild is that you can enchant weaponry, armour, and other items. This means that the sword, or mace, or bow and arrow that you use can be personalised to your specific characteristics, and can be enhanced - giving you a potential edge over the enemy that you wouldn't have had before. It makes up for the fact that a Warrior has very little strength in the way of actual spellcasting.

Warriors are unique also in that the better a Warrior, the more strength he or she has in other fields as well. A certain strength in Illusion is needed to be able to do powerful illusion enchantments, a strength in Elementalist power needed for Elementalist enchantment, Healing strength for a Regenerative Ring, etc.


The following is a list of possible enchantments for a variety of objects. However, no Warrior will be able to do it all. Each enchantment is an exhaustive series of spells, takes tremendous levels of energy, and as a result most Warriors will only have a couple of strongly-enchanted weapons, some armour, and one or two items - at the most. Also, this list is not exhaustive. It is merely a guide to the kinds of things that are possible. Of course, you will need to run how you are planning to enchant a weapon by the High Warrior - Lady Elandra Pawel - first, to make sure it's possible. (You can also go to High Lord Craxus for permission...but it /should/ go through the High Warrior.)


Elemental: Can be done partially by Apprentices by way of practise, then properly by Novices and up, though the higher you are, the stronger the enchantment...
  • Fire - weapons enchanted with fire seem to glow redly with inner heat. When something is struck with a fire-enchanted weapon, it is burnt and can even burst into flames!
  • Ice - an ice-enchanted weapon is cold to the touch, and when something is struck it can be freeze-burned, with ice crystals forming on the surface and intense cold permeating the said object.
  • Sonic - of the element air. This is used mostly with arrows but can be used otherwise. Sonic-enchanted weapons are better with animals and people, as they can hurt the eardrums and leave their ears ringing. They can confuse the enemy for a short while.
  • Acid - weapons that are acid-enchanted corrode what they hit; depending on the strength of the enchantment, the corrosive, burning quality is larger or smaller.
  • Lightning - lightning arrows tear through the air, glowing, and spark upong impact, causing electrical damage. Weapons enchanted with lightning glow dully, with sparks flying upon impact with something. Can cause electric shocks if the blows are hard enough.
  • Illusion: Can be done partially by Novices by way of practise, then properly by Adepts and up, though the higher you are, the stronger the enchantment...

  • There are two levels to the invisibility enchantment.

    Level 1: Chameleonic - a weapon enchanted to be chameleonic means that whilst it is still visible, it is very hard to see, as it takes on the appearance of the things behind it. An Adept, if he/she tries hard, can do this. It looks like this to ALL, even the wielder.

    Level 2: Invisible - an invisible weapon is just that, invisible, except to the wielder of the weapon, who can see it normally. Only Elders and up can do this, and even then the size of the weapon affects the effectiveness of the enchantment.
  • Changed Size - Best with a chain weapon, such as a morningstar. It seems to all but the wielder to be much shorter (or longer) than it really is.
  • Changed Weight - A sword can feel lighter, a morningstar heavier. Hits like it as well - which may be good or bad depending on the weapon and the way you're going.
  • Other: There are much harder enchantments...more for Elders and up, though some Adepts will be able to do these - albeit with difficulty...

  • Anti-Coagulant - does exactly what it says on the tin. Wounds made by such enchanted weapons will not close for a long time, meaning the person is more likely to bleed to death, or become incapacitated.
  • Energy Absorbing - a sword enchanted thus can absorb energy - magical, heat, electrical, kinetic and so on - and store it up in the blade, meaning that when it is struck against a foe, it injures a WHOLE lot more than normal.
  • Paralytic - leaves a foe conscious but unable to move. It is encouraged for this enchantment to be used only with ranged weapons, as it makes swordplay difficult once there are bodies lying all around you, making it difficult to move around. (Also makes for unchallenging fights, with little experience-gaining.)
  • Knockout - leaves a foe unconscious for a short amount of time. As with the Paralytic enchantment, it is discouraged for use with melee weaponry.
  • Exploding Arrows - Similar to lightning and fire but a lot more explosive. These are discouraged for extensive use, as they are time-consuming and difficult to make, and only really useful in large battle situations, and if your foes are far away/below you.
  • Signal Blade (bladed weapons only) - a specific race can be chosen, and the blade will glow if they are near. (Think Sting, Frodo's sword, in Lord of the Rings.) A 'sample' of the race must be used in the enchanment of the sword.
  • Grudge Enchantment (bladed weapons only) - similar to the Signal Blade in that it is fixed to a certain race. However this enchantment means that when the weapon is used against that race, more damage is caused than to other races.
  • Glowing Blade (bladed weapons only) - this is a difficult spell, and not only does it use strength in the enchanting, but also every time you want the blade to glow. What happens is...the blade is normal most of the time. However by concentrating on the blade with your magical strength you can make it glow VERY bright white, dazzling your enemies. This is shortlived but affective against the light-sensitive Drow, and if it is dark any foes will lose their night-vision for a time. However, you are not immune to the dazzling affects so you must look away, or close your eyes if needs be!
  • Knockback - more effective when used with melee weapons. When a foe is hit, they are hit a lot harder than with a normal weapon, and can even be sent flying backwards.
  • Rooted - when a foe is hit by a weapong enchanted with this spell, they are rooted to the ground like a tree and cannot move from the spot.
  • Armour

    Most Magicians do not wear armour, but Warriors can. Enchanting armour is very difficult and extremely time-consuming, given the amount you need to do.
  • Increase Resistance - this can be for pretty much anything. The armour shows a notable resistance to any of the elements, magic, evil, or even a certain class of magic (for instance Necromancy).
  • Shock Absorbent - this kind of enchanted armour will absorb kinetc energy and dissipate it safely, meaning that if you get hit by a crazed man with a Claymore, or a troll, you won't get knocked to the floor, and will not be bruised as much.
  • Chameleonic - much like the Chameleonic blade, although due to the larger size it is less effective. (Invisible armour is nigh on impossible to make, given the skill, the magical strength and the time needed. Even then it is not worthwhile; it's value is often overrated.)
  • Regenerative - this armour slowly heals injuries that the person wearing it has; healing is sped up dramatically.
  • Strength Enhancing - does what it looks like it does. This kind of armour will make you hit harder, but also will give you higher endurance and stamina, and make you less susceptible to poison and disease spells.
  • Rings and Amulets

    These are wide-ranging in skill level requirements, from barely Adept-level to High Council-level.
  • Light Ring - one of the easiest things to make, rings that glow brightly in any colour, eliminating the need to carry a torch. Approx level: Novice
  • Shield Amulet - most Magicians can conjure a magical shield to protect them. However, even though Warriors can do this they are not as skilled in spellcasting, so the Shield Amulet was developed. This has the same affects as a conjured shield, but lasts for longer. It deflects magical energy, meaning spells have less of an affect, and also dissipates some (but not all) elemental energy, kinetic, and electrical. The effectiveness of the amulet increases with rank. Skill level: higher Novice
  • Ring of Healing - when wearing this ring all Healing spells themselves are made more effective and easier to cast. Approx level: Low Adept
  • Fear-Deadening Amulet - this will null the more distracting emotions and feelings in battle...namely fear, dread, anxiety and other related emotions. It leaves a quiet, focussed calm. Approx level: middle Adept
  • Ring of Enduring Breath - wearing this ring means you can breathe underwater indefinitely. Warriors planning on going to Outpost Oane would be loathe to go without this ring. Approx level: middle Adept
  • Amulet of Night Vision - this Amulet gives the wearer night-vision rivalling that of the Drow - in what would be pitch black you can see quite a lot of detail of your surroundings. Of course, the higher the skill level the better the vision. Approx level: high Adept
  • Regenerative Ring - similar to the armour, but heals the wearer's wounds only when a foe is injured. Approx level: low Elder
  • Amulet of Reverse Damage - this amulet will reverse /some/ of the damage a foe attempts to do to you, the foe being hurt instead. However, this is very draining on the amulet itself and will only work for a limited time. Approx level: middle Elder
  • Amulet of Illusion - when making this magical amulet, you have an animal or person in mind, and their exact appearance. For when this amulet is then worn by the enchanter, an illusion is created that they look like that animal or person. Approx level: high Elder
  • Amulet of Magic Power - a very rare item. This amulet will absorb magical energy from it's surroundings and people around you, meaning that spells cast on you have a lesser affect as a bonus to the real purpose. After a while, the amulet will have a tremendous level of magical energy stored. The wearer can grip the amulet and cast a spell - offensive or defensive or something else - and the magical energy stored will be released in the spell, making the spell extremely, extremely strong. Then it recharges again, and the same can be done. However the skills needed to make this amulet, and to have the other spells to make it worthwhile, means that most Warriors will not be able to do it. Approx level: High Council
  • Clothing

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    Cloaks and Robes:
  • Illusion level 1: Chameleonic Cloak - When wearing this, the owner becomes difficult to see - has a similar affect to the Armour and Weapons chameleon enchantments.
  • Level 2: Robes of Invisibility - takes a longer time to do, but is still possible, unlike Armour of Invisibility. Makes the wearer invisible.
  • Feather Robes - when wearing these robes, a Warrior will be able to jump higher and further without injury, and items and weaponry they are carrying will also feel lightweight.
  • Cloak of Haste - the wearer of this cloak will be infused with a steady adrenaline-type rush of increased strength and reflexes. Everything will seem slowed down to the wearer, because they are, in essence, sped up.
  • Cloak of Soothing - wearing this cloak makes the Magician seem more soothing to neutral beings...that is, not an enemy. This would not work on a member of the Dark Alliance but a neutral person, or an animal, would be soothed and attracted to the wearer, and be more relaxed.
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    Gloves and Boots:
  • Boots of Speed - these are for speed rather than haste; they are for travelling great distances in a short amount of time rather than for battle. Increasing running speed rather than strength and reflexes.
  • Dexterity Gloves - when worn, these gloves make sword-twirling and archery far easier.
  • Boots of Levitation - the wearer of these boots can hover up to about three metres in the air...movement whilst in the air is difficult if not impossible, but Feather Robes help with that. The level of levitation is controlled by the wearer. They can be used to walk on water as well if used with sufficient control.
  • So remember, if what you want isn't on the list then its by no means not allowed...either way ask the High Warrior for guidance before enchanting a weapon, because she's the person you need to go through.

    Happy Enchanting!

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