An Introduction...

I guess that I'm supposed to write something witty and informative about myself here

meh... bios are overrated. I'll try anyway

In the real world I'm known as Paula. I'm a kickboxer and I have something of a facination with most forms of scf-fi and fiction.

I'm a fan of the writing styles of Mr. Douglas Adams, Mr. Terry Pratchett, Mr. Stephen King and, occasionally, Mrs. J.K. Rowling. I love the works of Mr. Mike Mignola and Mr. Frank Miller, which I consider to be some of the finest in existance

I hate writing bios as they often feel boring and lacking imagination. My usual tactic is to avoid them wherever possible

Misery is as Misery does, and no, I don't know what that means either


The H2G2 League of
˜Super Powers
"The Crimson Lady"

My character profile from the H2G2 League of Superheros. These things are very vogue at the minute

Name: Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Doherty
Alias: The Crimson Lady
Group Affiliations: H2G2 League of Superheroes
Powers: Healing Factor, Enhanced strength and agility
Family: General Jack Doherty, Air Force (Father)
Captain Michael Doherty, Air Force Pilot
Dr. Richard Doherty. Civilian Surgeon

Background: Charlie Doherty comes from a very strict military family. She and her two older brothers were pushed from a very early age to be the best. Her mother left at an early age and since then she has spent most of her life on one military base or another, so she is very tomboyish

Charlie is very close to her brothers seeing as they often had to move from base to base and had very little time to make friends. Her eldest brother, Michael, followed their father into the Air force and has risen through the ranks to Captain. Richard was injured in a road accident and as a result was unfit to enlist. He has since become a surgeon, famous for his experimental new techniques and groundbreaking research, especially in the field of Cancer research. Charlie felt overshadowed by their accomplishments and rebelled against her family, running away from home and getting involved with radical groups that broke into testing labs to free animal test subjects. After this the General refused to speak to her, thinking that she was ‘Wasting her time with a bunch of hippies’.

Two years later Charlie was campaigning at a wetland area that property developers were attempting to dump chemicals into so that they could buy the land cheap. During a protest Charlie was knocked into a pond that had been contaminated by the chemicals. She was rushed to a hospital where the doctors discovered that the chemicals had poisoned her and that she now was at a severely high risk of developing cancers in later life.

When Richard found out about this he gave permission to use one of his experimental new drugs that, if successful, would repair the damage and lower the risks significantly. Charlie was a little reluctant to be a test subject at first, but after learning that it was her brother that had developed it she was more willing. The problem was that without knowing what the chemicals that had poisoned Charlie were, there was a risk that they would still be in her system and react with the treatment. They reacted, but in a way that nobody had been expecting. Charlie’s immune system was boosted beyond belief, her body started healing at an incredible rate and her strength and agility were heightened.

Initially reluctant to become a hero, Charlie put off meeting with the League representatives for as long as she could. She only agreed to meet with them after learning that her father had come to see her. While her relationship with her brothers was still very close she felt alienated by the General. It was him who insisted that she meet with the League, and after meeting with The Spectre and with the backing of her father, who wanted to see her make something of herself, she was accepted and was given the call sign ‘Crimson Lady’ after failing to think of her own.

Weapons: Crimson Lady is a master martial artist, skilled in Chinese Kung Fu and Muay Thai. She was once a member of the Jing Wah school in Shanghai when her father was stationed there for five years.


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