I was once cool.

ééIn the Magician's Guild. éé
Hello smiley - Yoohoo jacks Bit smiley -

Jacks state to day is... smiley - swinging to smiley - later

My life's goal is not to leave a mark("Its not as easy as you think") see!!!

i've been looking at this h2g2 thing and i've decided to stay for a while and investigate, as there more to this bit of the galaxy than first appears.

Thanks to Bethanysmiley - ((2+4+7)*2)+7+9 = 42 smiley - as i'm not too good at maths

These are things that I like, not in order of preferance

smiley - RJR's Just Wonderfull Picssmiley -
    smiley -
  • Tee shirts'n'jeans
  • size 9 trainers or flipflops
  • Glasses
  • My New Bike
  • A dog
  • Pockets
  • A Large Cup of EG Tea
  • A Good Toaster
  • Clean Underwear
  • A large newspaper or book
  • A pen or pencil
  • Radio 2 or 4 and the Asian network
  • My Brithday and its assoicated card with money
  • Hiding, I'm very good at hiding
  • My Tool Box
  • My Crayons also my new paint box
  • My Camera
  • A Towel
  • Car
  • House
  • misses
  • friends
  • Socks
  • A hat
  • A Beach or Wood
  • Alcohol
  • Sunshine
  • My Anglepoise Lamp
  • My feet
  • Glasses, My Spare Pair
  • My Computer
  • My New Note Book and pencil
  • Americans, As they allways make me smile
  • Ozzytrailans, they make me smile too!

i'll be adding to this list later

And now the dislikes, these are not in order of any preferance

  • Any type of authority smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -
  • Tight shoes smiley - smiley - smiley -
  • The Clergy, dosen't matter which strain, the whole smiley - lot!
  • Flip Top Pedal Bin's smiley -
  • Public Service Anouncements smiley -
  • Brifcases
  • Smart asses
  • Ill Fitting Teeth
  • Marmite smiley -
  • Ozzie Wine smiley -
  • Brifcases
  • Architect John Nash (1752-1835)
  • Radio 1
  • Dog's that fart and then blame you
  • Family (Local Type)
  • Christmass and the New Year
  • Odd Bins
  • TV Programmes
  • CD Burners that don't burnsmiley -
  • C**P Softwaresmiley - smiley - smiley -
  • Computer Cables smiley - smiley - smiley -
  • Computers That Smoke Then Blow up And Die
  • Hope, any type of hope
  • Happy people
  • Her Next Door
  • Family The Ones That Come Only At Christmass , Armed Only With A Smile, with no Food or Drink
  • That Piece Of Fluff That gets Stuck In Your Belly Button
  • Cutting My Toenails
  • Anyone That Says "Why Don't You Grow Up"
  • Sanctimonios traffic Wardens With Ill Fitting Uniforms
  • Brithday Cards (The Type With No Money In Them)
  • And now the things that I really, really hate!

  • My Bloody Pointless Circumcision
  • Speed Cameras
  • Being a machanic
  • Those Speical People that Change....
  • Yours......... The Reverand Jack Russell

    smiley -
  • Life can be very trying at times and it's one of those times, right now, this very instant. So i'm trying to relax here! Thank you!


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