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The Nagging

I have decided to enjoy today. This is a good day, cucumber sandwiches are really a cool summer dish, as are my cider and gin. I also have decided that my new guitar is strange (in a wonderful way) but strange nonetheless, needless to say, I have been asked to turn the volume down or I'll be unable to sit down for a week. I have complied with the request!

The weather is enjoyable; the rain has forced me inside and therefore I can play games on my PC! which is something I wanted to do today, and also to write this. Noticed stuff today, stuff which seems important, ain't! Really ain't important any more , but what's important is deciding to enjoy the day no matter what! So the small, petty, nitpickity a***wipe of a person that deems to call themselves a 'manager' is now not important! Now I need to qualify this, as there is a need for someone who can be a 'boss', in charge of something that actually needs to be 'managed' and therefore can be called a manager. They make you feel that you are part of something 'engaged', 'valued' to the task in hand. The people who can do this, I think are just great!

Now the type that I'm on about are the mediocre, the type that has no real power, but can make your day just hell, nagging you to death, e-mailing you around twenty times a day about nothing, pestering you into reading 'that really important memo' which is mostly about 'winter sickness and vomiting bug'; and now it's July, it's a little bit out of date, but nonetheless you're nagged into reading and then signing it; or calling you off of what you're doing and making sure for the next half hour, you're kept waiting, then told 'go back to what you were doing'. Christ i'ts just criminal!

So after years of enduring this type of time-wasting, I have decided to not join in any more, which so far has worked! I have had a few minor skirmishes with the 'Time wasters' but now I just ignore these a***wipes while they waffle on! I have also begun to bring my dogs (GOD BLESS 'UM) with me everywhere I go, I have been more relaxed, less stressed since I've started doing this. Also, now this is the really important bit: I have decided to enjoy stuff, like days, cups of tea, a small conversation, the weather, my bike and the cycling into wherever I'm going; the dogs (GOD BLESS 'UM), the beach, the woods at the back of my house, my paint box, my camera, the small fact that I am able to do all these things now, without being bothered, pestered!

You can't take back the wasted time that 'they' take away from you, so just reclaim it from 'their' time by leaving early or arriving late. Just tell them 'you're reclaiming the/your wasted time' and see what happens. Make sure you keep the response to the anger quiet and controlled! Keeping a record of the wasted time helps your case too.

RJR, just getting ready for a bike ride............

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