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the excellent articles featured.

  • 08.05.08

    A huge issue this week, with Meet reports from London and, of course, Cockwood. There's a rare Post outing for Gnomon in among the Meet reports, and the start of a London Meet caption competition. Talking of competitions, there has been a great response to the Doctor Who and One Vowel Poem competitions, and all the entrants are published here. There's a welcome return from the Rev Jack, a new column from Frenchbean and a Spanish Post recipe. All the usual regulars, including Galaxy Babe, B'Elana, Websailor and Smudger, are in attendance, and we top off with no less than four Platypus Dancing cartoons. It really is a wonderful issue.

  • 22.05.08

    Another big issue, with more from the meets, the results of our fanfic and poetry competitions and a whole raft of fantastic columns. Mar gives us another special Iberian recipe, Galaxy Babe visits some stunning butterflies, and Matt talks to the extremely handsome, witty and interesting Skankyrich in ...Doctor Jones. Shazz also starts a new column looking back at some of The Post's favourite contributors. There's also a lot of discussion about where The Post and the wider site are going; a thoroughly great issue.

  • 05.06.08

    Apparently inspired by his previous Post outing (see above), Gnomon joins The Post's ever-expanding cast of Regulars with his own new column, which is lapped up by the masses. It's Skankyrich's last issue as Editor for a few weeks, and it's also a fitting goodbye to Mina who is leaving the team. The issue is yet another massive one; Leo tries the delights of the durian fruit, Mu Beta does (for) Eurovision once again, and Montague Trout visits a sensitive piece of installation art. And that's just in the Features; our Regulars cover such diverse subjects as Nepalese food, clematis, motorbike races and clouds, while over in Poetry and Fiction there seems to be a bit of a spider thing going on. Mad, but brilliant.

  • 19.06.08

    It's been a long time in coming, but at least it's B'Elana's first issue in charge, and she starts off by telling us about her feet. Brilliant. In this issue, Milliways returns to Edinburgh, Galaxy Babe takes us on a world tour of Summer Solstices, and Beatrice takes up the next episode of Whatever Next. There's our usual eclectic mix of contributors, and if you've ever wondered what a gnomon actually is, Gnomon is here to tell you.

  • 03.07.08

    A busy week for what's left of the team; lil has been to hospital with acute appendicitis, and 35 people have contributed to a brilliant poem wishing her well. It's all rather touching, really. Meanwhile, Frenchbean has had problems with a scruddy washing machine and has lost the manual. Awix makes a long-awaited return with a review of The Incredible Hulk, and PedanticBarSteward has a thought-provoking article on Benshasha.

  • 17.07.08

    It's all the threes this issue; Bel takes charge for the third time, PBS contributes three articles, three people gain their Post Reporter badges, and three writers appear in The Post for the first time. It's the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere, so it's quite appropriate that we have a travel theme going on, with contributions about holidays, a trek to Everest Base Camp, beachcombing, a summer carnival and trips to Cornwall, York and Orlando.

  • 31.07.08

    It's the last issue before the summer break, and Rich stumbles in with a migraine and a raft of apologies. He really shouldn't, though—it's an excellent issue to sign off for the summer with. Galaxy Babe has put together a huge edition of Babe Among the Stars, with enough diary dates and information to keep us going right through until September, including details of the forthcoming Perseid meteor shower. This will certainly be helpful for Gnomon, who seems quite excited about his telescope1. Elsewhere, Max has gone for his silver award, OpticalIllusion has gone to Brownsea Island and Awix has gone to the movies again. And the Post Team have gone off for the summer!

  • 14.08.08

    The first Summer Special featuring some of our favourite columnists, old and new.

  • 28.08.08

    The second Summer Special.

  • 11.09.08

1Quiet at the back...

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