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Lycan was born into a normal, loving family, in a small town near Outpost Kalsho. He was well educated, a healthy, well-adjusted child, who had a fascination with wolves. Everything about them he was interested in, and even managed to find himself a large, impressive pack of wolves living in the higher regions of Kalsho forest to study. These wolves he almost stalked, tailing them and noting down their territories, their hierarchy, spending as much time as he could in the forests.

His family treated it with the quiet acceptance of parents with a teenaged child obsessed with something...because that is what is was. When he was fifteen however it all changed.

He found the pack one evening, and to his confusion the Alpha Male was nowhere to be seen. Even more perplexingly, no other males had risen to take his place, and none of the wolves were exhibiting signs of confusion or distress. This was extraordinary.

Searching around the areas that the pack normally inhabited he found nothing...until he went to a small cave that he knew the Alpha Male favoured visiting. There he found a bearded, dishevelled man wrapped in rags. The man, without warning, jumped Lycan and knocked him out...when he came to, Lycan was restrained and even through the fog in his mind he realised who the man was...a notorious criminal in his area, one Wilhelm Wallace. He had stolen from the population, murdered his family and then disappeared. And now he had Lycan as a prisoner.
The man divulged to Lycan that he was, in fact, a werewolf...he had been transformed at the time of his wife and child's death, and had not had control. Wilhelm had wandered the forests, barely managing to survive; he fell ill and was healed my a Magician at Kalsho. When in the healer's hall, he stole a large supply of a potion he had heard about before his exile, that apparently gave a Werewolf control over his tranformations. After that Wilhelm formed a pack, choosing to live as a wolf instead of a human.

And now he wasn't at all...mentally healthy. He told Lycan he was going to make the teen a Werewolf, just like him, and laughed at the fear on the boy's face. Then he did what he had threatened. He bit Lycan on the arm, breaking the skin, changing him irrevocably.

For six months Lycan tried to keep it a secret from his family...he would disappear for a few days around every new moon, saying he wanted to study the nocturnal habits of the pack as well; this worked for a while but after half a year of it his family confronted him. They accused him of being a part of a Dark cult, some evil group...insulted and shocked Lycan unthinkingly retorted, "I'm not a criminal, I'm a Werewolf!"

His family was absolutely horrified. They accused him of seeking out that...and asking them to bite him, change him into one of their kind, to further his investigation into Lupine nature. In reaction to this, Lycan stormed out in a fury with little in the way of supplies, and went to live in the forest. He was barely sixteen.
Quickly, Lycan managed to find Wilhelm's stockpile of the Elixir that gave him control over his Lycanthropic nature...the teenaged boy stole it and used it himself, trying to ingratiate himself in with the pack he had so closely studied. But Wolf-Wilhelm wouldn't have it, and harmed Lycan whenever he came near the pack.

In desparation Lycan challenged the other werewolf to a fight for supremacy. It was long, arduous, and fatal. Wilhelm made the mistake of underestimating the power of hopelessness and fell to the young boy. He was after that accepted into the Alpha Male, no less, with the former Alpha Female as his mate.

A year and a half passed and his pack prospered under his rule, growing quickly and losing few to the elements or other animals.
Then there was a horrific incident. A group of six delinquent youths, looking for furs and a twisted idea of fun, attacked the pack. They killed almost a dozen, halving the pack's size, before Lycan attacked them in a thoughtless fury. Without thinking he reverted back to human form and killed two of them before the others fled, leaving him in the midst of wolves that stared up at his human form curiously.

He thought all was lost, that they would never accept him into the pack again at any social level, let alone leader...but they all but told him they had known from the beginning. His scent was slightly different from theirs, and they knew that such hybrids existed. They trusted him to look after the remaining pack - after all, they had been doing better than at any other point, before the youths attacked them. In fact, they asked him for protection against other humans, ones that would wish harm upon them.

Lycan took this responsibility with all seriousness and morphed back into human form; promising them he would keep track of their situation and whereabouts he set out for Imardin, where he knew he could find something, someone, that could help him. When he arrived there, one of the first things to catch his eye was the Magicians Guild. The very Guild that was responsible for the potion that made him able to control his metamorphosis. He joined immediately, at the age of seventeen, almost eighteen. This was where the power, the ability to protect, lay.

He naturally became a Caretaker, having developed an uncanny ability to empathise and semi-communicate with other animals, in addition to wolves. He became an Adept relatively quickly, at twenty-one, and it was at this point that it came out - he was a werewolf. Werewolves do not have magical familiars, you see, and when it came to the level where he should have one he had no choice but to tell them. He was dumbfounded and shocked when the majority - most importantly Craxus, the leader of the Guild - accepted it, and still welcomed him.

Gradually, though he did not forget his responsibilities back in the forests, he began to think of the Guild as another pack-of-sorts, and his fellow members he began to feel at ease with, making acquantainces in the classes. One such acquaintance was with the prodigy Warrior, Elandra Pawel, who also felt as if she were sometimes put-apart from her peers in the Guild. After all, most of the Magicians her age were still Novices.

A year or so after this, Lycan requested a transfer to Outpost Kalsho; he was growing worried for his wolf-pack and needed to see them again. When he arrived there, it was a week before he was able to go into the forests and look for his pack and when he did, morphing between forms and howling out his presence, it was almost a day before he found any of them. When he did find them, however, he was horrified: a mere three adult wolves remained - but fortunately including the Alpha Female - and one younger one.

They told him, inbetween his cursing and then gentle healing, that the people who had attacked the pack were sinister, dark fellows, not at all like the youths who had attacked them before. Lycan swore to his surviving packmates that he would find them, and after that started to scour the forest. He recruited other animals to help quicken the search, and so it was rather quickly that he found the group of men that were camping in a small clearing, keeping themselves warm with wolf fur.

He magically restrained them, and proceeded to interrogate them. They threatened him, saying that if he harmed them then the small group of Drow living in the forests also would find Lycan and kill him - the men had betrayed their race to join the Dark Alliance and were outcasts because of it. Lycan had no intention of killing these men; he did not want their blood on his hands...however, his pack had been trailing him and when they saw that he had found their attackers they lost control and mauled the captives to the point of death before he could do anything to try and stop them.

He stood there in shock for a second, his packmates disappearing almost as quickly as they had attacked, and a second after that he discovered the reason: three Drow were advancing on him, all with drawn-out weapons and looking malevolently gleeful that they had found a Magician. Lycan did the almost-unbelievable - and killed them, with the help from a few animal friends, without getting a scratch on him. They came close, yes, but at one point he metamorphosed away from decapitation and killed one of them almost instantaneously.

After this incident, he juggled between looking after his remaining packmates and his responsibilities as a Magician, until the group had grown by joining with another, larger pack, him staying the overall leader. His wolf family were safer, more secure, than before, so when he was summoned back six months later to the main city he did not begrudge the Guild his presence.

Word of his feat with the Drow had reached Imardin quicker than he himself, so when he returned to the Guild Hall he was commended for it, with his almost-friend Elandra in surprised awe that he, a Caretaker Adept, could defeat three Dark Elves without even getting slightly injured. He brushed it off, pleading luck, but she wouldn't have it and insisted he was a fighter, and deserved due respect. And not so much longer after that he started getting this respect because he was promoted to the rank of Elder, at the age of 28.
Over the following years, Lycan kept tabs on his pack, taking any chance to visit them - few and far between as those chances were - and when Elandra, after being promoted to Elder herself - called him out on his occasional disappearances he told her of his pack. This showing of trust on his part cemented their friendship, and they gradually grew closer.

When Elandra got badly injured on the Yurick Virg Mackz road, in an event that left her with a large scar on her face and a blood-bonded sword, the hollow panicky feeling Lycan had in his stomach confused him slightly. He thought of her as a he said nothing at the time. However, when he recieved word that Elandra was involved in an almost identical fight and was injured again, he knew for certain what he felt for her. He told her about it, and the two of them tentatively trod new ground with each other, entering into a playfully romantic relationship. It was curbed when Lycan was promoted to the High Council however - both of them feeling it would be disapproved of - but the next year, when Elandra was unexpectedly moved up also, they picked up where they left off.

A year passed, with the war against the Dark Alliance growing fast, and then there was the battle of Imardin. Lycan performed admirably in it, summoning beasts from other realms one by one that killed many of the Dark army. He also used his magic power in the asteroid strike that turned the tables on the Dark Alliance and won the battle.
A couple of weeks after the battle was over, Lycan recieved magical word that his pack was in trouble. He got leave from High Lord Craxus to go back to the forests and did so as quickly as possible, fearing for the fate of the pack.

When he arrived there it seemed that his fear was well-founded. There was not a magical or Dark threat but one of nature: another wolf pack, a rival one, was picking off the weaker wolves, slowly getting more ambitious, and was now threatening the very existance of Lycan's pack. His presence, however, seemed to ease the hostilities somewhat, as the rival pack were scared stiff of them. Slowly, he recruited the wolves into his own pack and in the end the Alpha Pair of the troublemakers were exiled from that area of the forest, and call was calm again. It took the better part of a year, and now upon his return to Imardin, Lycan is finding it a little difficult to distinguish between the two sides of him.

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