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As you open the door into the dusty shop, you feel a focus of the Force. A small room lies beyond, shelves filled with small boxes cover the walls. At the back of the shop is a small workshop for lightsaber construction. Some lightsabers are on display.
People who have a lightsaber:1. Ralph The Wonder Llama2. Peet3. Alkland4. Werekitty5. Aries6. Scullock7. Craxus8. Farlander9. Deus10. JEllenJ4211. Wargamer12. Lou13. The Evil One14. PenGwen15. Creachy16. Hussasan17. Gorgon18. Just Justin19. A.J. Rimmer20. Kiltedjedi21. Link 4222. Mullet23. Pedboy24. Natai25. Terry Teadreg26. Rosemary27. Weberquetzal28. Dr. Anthea29. Existential Elevator30. AK Nonexistent31. Eóin32. Ancha Theri33. Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë34. Rag Doll35. Kess36. Nerd4237. Nuclear Confusion38. Mad*for*it39. Researcher Squangos40. Footbacon41. Haikeeba42. Feuille43. Atlantic_cable44. Cat-eyes45. Yosarian46. Professorpat47. Khamsin48. Cinnamon_spider49. Darth Zaphod50. His Divine Shadow51. Reefgirl52. Mihar Babir53. Evil_Jedi54. Excelsior55. the rev. Jack Russel56. Bullet_proof57. What is rule One?58. Irishsojourner59. Isross60. Commander Supermoo61. Matthew the Raven62. Uncle Bob63. Luthiena64. Overmind65. fllrbny66. Leopardskinfynn67. Langley68. SHADOWMAN425169. I Have Come To Regard You As People I've Met...70. Lucifer71. Angel_must_never_die72. Gangorlas73. ENOHA74. T_Swizzle75. Lorelei Ga'fen76. Bubba-Fretts77. the_ronin_himura_musashi78. Anakin_Windwalker79. Lara_Croft_Tomb80. The_Admiral81. Angelface0482. Laudatortemporisacti83. Recklessness84. Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse85. Smartcolourblue86. Not Panicing Yet87. MysteriousOneWoS88. Domitella89. Tony C90. Mini-Godette Deakie91. Agent92. Chromecoveredclone93. Kimmiebabe94. Naughtinik495. Ðiscõ Stu96. Eloisa97. Mads Olavsbråten98. Goldentigerlilly1399. Tallulah_B100. Mornessar101. Alpha-male102. Pekka42103. Pixel104. Spawn of Grinch105. Petron90106. Baldeagle072107. Rajahcat108. Stargaterdii109. Master Jamigu110. Unfading Acedant111. Moist_Pirate112. Prof Animal Chaos113. Xanthippi114. Drmegabyte115. Robby72116. If2871117. Godisaheathen118. Thornthedruidguy119. Rymnycyq Ruxlur120. PlebisYou need but ask and you will get a FREE lightsaber!
Choose a colour, you will!
A lazy b*st*rd I am, so please, post your U number! U:

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