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Saving the Galaxy

Have you ever felt like saving the galaxy? Then join us on our ship, the Esirpretne, for high adventure in da space-opera stylee! We're out to save the galaxy from the terribly antisocial Horrible Somethings, who intend to lay waste to the galaxy by destroying all the doughnuts therein. The crew:

Captain Al Boy commands the ship. Some of the time, anyway.
Eomando is the First Officer on this fine voyage.

Demon Drawer is our pseudo-Scottish Chief Engineer whose accent cannae tak' it.
BluesSlider, our Head of Security, is a man of many lightsabers.
Croz is our Chief Medical Officer and former Kid Genius.
Garius Lupus is all fired up about being Weapons Officer.
Afgncaap5 is our multi-tasking Science Officer.
Joolsee is our ever-capable Communications Officer.
And Bluebottle is our top-gun pilot.

Want to be a part of it? Then join in the thread - we can pick up new crew from any planet or space station. Additional noteworthy crew so far:

Prez - Security officer, aide to BluesSlider
CD4 - Operations officer with blonde spiky hair
Mandarb - Assistant Engineer
Paul Prefect - member of the previous crew of the Esirpretne, now shrunk down really teeny.
Tatty - assistant weapons officer and exlosives "expert"...
Lieutenant Checkout aka Mrgrunt, a member of the destroyed craft USS Endocrine
Alien, Space Centre operative and stellar cartographer
Seven-Of-Up aka Mr Hazmandoo, a member of the Bjorg saved by the Esirpretne crew
Quorn aka Trilly, bartender on board

Other notable figures include:

Joanna, captain of a ship which became a victim of the Horrible Somethings, now a guest on the Esirpretne
Strangely Green, an Inertial Dampener who was working for the enemy but has now betrayed them.

Season Two - Beginning Now!

We're off once again! Join the reunited crew on their second fantabulicious adventure! You can jump in any time - new crew are always welcome!

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