Warm, breathing being, panting, panting.

Joolsee looks around warily as his home page seems to have been picked up an moved to a completely new area. He decides to stick around a while and see how things shape up.

Where is Joolsee?

I don't spend too much time at h2g2 these days, as I have too little free time. I do pop in regularly to check for messages on this page, and I may post an entry or two. If you post to any of my entries, you won't necessarily get a quick response. Try posting here if you want to draw my attantion to something.

My more time consuming h2g2 projects are on hold at the moment. Feel free to poke around.

You may want to check out my small but organically growing WEB SITE.

Please post any feedback to this page.

The Arrival


My work here is done.

Ah, sorry, that bit comes just before I leave, doesn't it?

Insanely Brave Attempt on the World Land Speed Record

I am mounting an insanely brave attempt to break the land speed record, currently 763mph, held by the Thrust SSC team. The attempt will take place on the beach. The team is based at the Charlton Heston Services, at the end of the beach, adjacent to the semi-submerged Statue of Liberty. The best place to watch will probably be the donut stand.

Technical details of the car can be found here, where you will find some of the detailed technical discussions which went on during its design and testing. I need more team members to help me with the attempt. I'm also looking for more sponsors. (And, believe me, if I could change the spelling error in the forum title, I would.)

Record Attempt Team Members

ted.tfl3.113713 - Chief Mechanic
Eomando - Blonde Woman In Shades - to bite her lip and look concerned over me. (It's a wig.)
Haze - Aerodynamageek and Second Engineer- main resp. (with CM above) to stop me becoming a blotch on the side of Mt. Sandcastle.

I am still looking for:
Blue Touchpaper Specialist and Fast Runner
Fodders - Numerous people to remove stones, shells, children, donkeys etc. from the beach just before each run.
On the day, I'll also need the h2g2 Chapter of the Hell's St. John's Ambulance Brigade, in case of sunburn, lost children or disintegration of the vehicle at supersonic speed.

Official Sponsors So Far

Joanna's Donut Stand - Probably the Best Donuts in the World! (Menu)
Alpine Ski Resort at Mt. Sandcastle (Demon Drawer prop.) - Probably the Best Alpine Ski Resort in the World!
The Starship Esirpretne and her gallant crew - Saving the Galaxy so you don't have to!
The Aroma Cafe - Official Beverage Supplier to the team.
The Unconventional Pleasure Devices Page - Rubbing people up the right way since 1927!
The h2g2 Waterworks and Beach - Official Beach Supplier to the team
Munchkin - who is having a sponsored pub quiz for us. (I think. Must check on this one.)
The Forum & Firkin - Official Supplier of beer for the celebration/wake after the attempt on the record.

If you want a plug here and your name or logo on the side of my fabulous car, Doughbird DPSSC, contact the attempt HQ. A big thank you to all our sponsors.

Me! Wonderful Me!

OK, as you've all been clamouring (ahem) to know more about me:

I live in the Docklands area of London.

I work in the City of London, and my current office gives me a wonderful view of St. Paul's Cathedral. Which is nice.

I work with (or very close to) some great people, including *gasp* Denis Howe - father of FOLDOC, the almost legendary Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing. Please don't try to submit FOLDOC entries via me, by the way. I have no influence. He won't even add my favourite suggestions. He's a hard man, but fair. Actually, he's a hard man, but brunette.

My life in h2g2

Eomando and Dancing Ermine have introduced me to Joanna's Donut Stall at the beach, which is a fine place to hang out. My Guide entries have introduced me to some interesting people with large brains, such as the gracious Twophlang Gargleblap, and the interesting, yet somehow unaccountably not-got-back-to Serendipity. Sorry Ser, I'll get there.

My guide entries include Free Will - The Problem of, Knives, Forks, and Spoons. What to do next? What to do, what to do?

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