So You Want To Save The Galaxy?

Right. I'm back, you sons of people. And I'm sexier than ever before.

I'm called Al, and I must insist that this is short for Alistair. It does not say A-1, or A.I. or anything else like that. Al. Got it? Good.

So, what manner of creature is this?

Y'know, it's funny you should ask that. The frightening, yet entirely accurate, answer is: lawyer. Or rather, law student, studying law and French in France for a year. Twenty-one years old. Journalist. Voracious comic book fan. Omnivorous reader. Film trivia freak. Damn sexy. No, really. Not a geek. Not. A. Geek.


And hey, I'm also a H2G2 Guardian Angel. If yer new, and you want shown around, then I'm your man...

Or maybe one of THESE guys is...

-- Meet The H²G² Guardian Angels -- Archangel Zax* - P. S. of Alcoholic Indulgence Saint Ioreth - P. S. of Happy AccidentsSaint Jeltz - P. S. of Poetic LicenseSaint Benji - P. S. of the Barking MadSaint Tweetie - P. S. of Impossible EscapesSaint "Asteroid" Lil - P. S. of Graphic Detail Saint Quorthon - P. S. of Furry MetalSaint Thistle - P. S. Prickly Personalities Saint Angel - P. S. of Double EntendrésSaint Cheese - P. S. of Long LunchesSaint Lisa - P. S. of Unrequited LoveSaint Cloughie - P. S. of Flying PigsSaint Big 'Evil' Dan - P.S. of Weekendism Saint (Doctor) John - P.S. of the Chemically ChallengedSaint Cutlery - P.S. of Cutting RemarksSaint KoRn BaLl - P.S. of Corny RemarksSaint Irving Washington - P.S. of the Highly StrungSaint Bruce - P.S. of the Pixelly ChallengedSaint Sporkulious Eglon - P.S. of Creative TruthsSaint Justin - P.S. of Paper-CutsSaint Technicolor Yawn - P.S. of the Morally MoribundSaint Paperdoll - P.S. of the Painfully ShySaint Possum - P.S. of Creatures of the NightSaint Jester - P.S. of Village Idiots Saint SBWTTtToaSCPNaSFSNTbCToO - P.S. of BrevitySaint Taco-Chako - P.S. of Mixed MetaphorsSaint Silent Bob - P.S. of the Silent MajoritySaint Halo - P.S. of Lucky CharmsSaint Moo Juice - P.S. of Country FolkSaint John - P.S. of the Technologicly FrustratedSaint William Jenkins - P.S. of TeaSaint canadian girl - P.S. of FrogsSaint Fashion Cat - P.S. of Indolent StudentsSaint jimmiejaz - P.S. of Nadsat FashionREQUEST YOUR VERY OWN GUARDIAN ANGEL!PUT THE ANGEL'S LIST CODE ON YOUR PAGE!
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Angel List courtesy of The Archangel Zax*

Find me...

If you like, you could come and visit me at Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources - ginchy fun for all the family, and you don't even have to read comics! Neat-o, huh?


I have a fish, Mandy, which Joanna gave me. Ta-da!

A fish riding a penny farthing bicycle in front of some upside down verse

What a card, eh, readers?

Saving the Galaxy

Hey, come and check out the all-new, all-groovy Esirpretne page and help us save the galaxy from those frankly antisocial Horrible Somethings...


If you want to chat to me, argue with me, insult me or propose marriage to me, then my email address is [email protected]. Any other remarks are best addressed directly to my face.


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