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smiley - Silver Sword; an Interactive Fantasy is an online multiplayer RPG / MMORPG played here on h2g2. If you're interested, please create a character and then subscribe to the Inn of the Silvery Sword thread.

Thank you!smiley -

Silver Sword Pages


Rules and Account Management

Game Rules
Character Creation Center
Players List

Peer-to-Peer Roleplaying Locations

Inn of the Silvery Sword
Heroville Town Square
The Sand Castle (Heroville)
Heroville Cemetary
The Quavian Dark Forest

Organized Quests

The Death and Return of Chivalry

Word on the street

Warrior Jack Thunderbolt, King Michael of Quavia's new Captain of the Guard, has started a new guild for warriors and is looking for recruits for a new Quavian army to defend the kingdom!

The King of Quavia is still conducting job interviews for many open positions in his royal household staff. Hurry to get a high-ranking position before they're all gone!

Sign up to be a warrior to get an important, powerful and totally awesome job!

Official Badge

Please help promote the game!

Official Silver Sword Player
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Silver Sword; an Interactive Fantasysmiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -
smiley - towelAdd this GuideML code to the Introduction on your h2g2 Personal Space to get your own Official Silver Sword Player badge! (not a requirement for membership)

<!-- Beginning of Silver Sword Badge -->
<FONT SIZE="2" COLOR="WHITE"><STRONG>Official Silver Sword Player</STRONG></FONT>
<SMILEY TYPE="pirate"/><SMILEY TYPE="wizard"/><SMILEY TYPE="thief"/><BR/>
<LINK H2G2="A989698" POPUP="1">
<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" blob="B3812298" BORDER="0" ALT="Silver Sword; an Interactive Fantasy"/>
<smiley type="bigeyes"/>
<smiley type="elf"/>
<smiley type="smiley"/>
<smiley type="sleepy"/>
<smiley type="boing"/>
<!-- Add this code if you want to include a character description -->
<SMILEY TYPE="boing"/><SMILEY TYPE="pirate"/><SMILEY TYPE="grr"/>Male Giant Fire Warrior Albert Einstein.
Special Abilities: <SMILEY TYPE="grr"/>Barbarian.
Put your optional character description here.
<!-- End of Silver Sword Badge -->

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