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A stark wall of gleaming white granite looms above. An iron gate is set in it, and beside it is a bonfire. Beside that sits the Keeper of The Gate, Torg, looking rather warm. Not far beside the gate is a small stone cottage, with smoking rising from its chimney. Carts and travelers pass in and out over the drawbridge, talking among themselves.

This is the Gateway. If one is interested in becoming a Knight, sign up with the scroll to your right. You are free to sign up, and then complain at how long it is taking for some one to let you in at will. Applications will be looked at on a stricly whenever-we-feel-like-it basis, or around once a week, give or take a day.

To apply, simply pick what you would like to be knight of (a.k.a. 'Knight of the ---') or what colour you would want. You could even use a pattern. It's really up to you.

Take a look at what to do!

Position Openings:

  • Gatekeep (Until Torg Gets Back From R.L.)
  • Librarian

Recently Knighted:

  • Rebel Wolf - Knight of Dirty Deeds
  • Bob - Knight of the Attack Penguin Puppet Masters
  • Nerd42 - Knight Gandark; Protector of the Void

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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