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LASTEST NEWS: Our great leader Snowman has gone missing again :-(!!!!!WE HAVE JOINED FORCES with the MotMV on a march to stamp out Jack's (their leaders) cancer, click the badge below for the Marches latest destinations NEWEST MEMBERS: please welcome poshharrypotter and Hindsight-20_2 WARNING!!!!!!! Evil Auntie Edith is BACK!!! NEW ENEMY: THE MAD ACE!!!!!!

Welcome to the Headquarters of the Potato Army (Version 1.1)

We are currently supporting Jack on a march arround H2G2 in the hope of tiring out his cancer, current destinations of the march can be found by clicking the badge below

The March for Jack
Find the Next Desination

At this time you may be asking why we are called the Potato Army, well its because we fight all our battles with potatoes1 as ammunition.

So what is it that we do?, well we fight for truth and justice2 and to make sure all potatoes can grow up to one day become part of a great meal.

Emergency meeting

An Emergency meeting has been started to discuss the state of the army and other important matters. All members are expected to attend.


There are currently no objectives but there will be soon


All members are supplied with the standard issue spud gun

  • Snowman The commander of the Potato Army
  • Floh Officer in charge of Mash Potatoes and adjutant of the first officer
  • 2legs Tatical Expert
  • Red Dog Official potato peeler
  • big blue Kelli Sweet Potato Preparation Expert
  • The Wargamer Weapons expert (yes another one)
  • Cybercat Chopping potatoes into slices with my paws
  • Cal Fortuneswell Eating Potatos
  • AJ Rimmer Reconnaissance
  • Scruff Squirrel hating
  • Just Justin.. Griller warfare (mainly scalloped potatoes)
  • laudatortemporisacti super-rare amazing and never-been-seen-before ability to recognise a potato
  • Dan DareFirst Aid, fighter jet knowlegde, helicopter knowlegde, knowlegde of anything that flys, etc
  • ehbergerliking the smell of potatoes and anything that smells like a potato.
  • lhikanskills in causing chaos and analyzing past battles.
  • Compromisedsanityskills in Wielding scalding mashed potatoes with unnaturally large spoons in an offensive manner
  • fordfrombetelgueseskills in whatever she can think of that she feels like doing
  • PC MOOSE Skills in potato mashing, potato cooking and good aim with potato shooting, throwing
  • Black leopard Skills in fighting and spying
  • poshharrypotter Peeling potatos
  • hindsight-20_2 eating people who hate eating potatos


  • Lodestone Officer in charge of armadillo offensives smiley - huh
  • GreenEyed Fairy Official spud poker
  • Silent_Potato A Potato
  • feadah Weapons Expert
  • rycroft Knows about gurrila warfare apparently
  • Ragazza Peeling and Slicing Expert
  • Ubuntu Lhasa Responsible for Aerodynamics and Motivational Watering
  • dd In Charge of Chips
  • Woody Specialize in Anything
  • SpringFairy Specialize in Anything
  • Spudman Responsible for Random Phrase Generation
  • Dark Mistress Skills in Intelligence and Spying
  • buddha-II Persuading Enlightenment by Eating Potatoes ,by Force if Required
  • rafboots Sniper Spudder
  • Panther Technical stuff and Cryto Analysis
  • Crocodilka Healing, Making potato pancakes
  • jrhuxley Incorporating potatoes into every meal of the day
  • Elf Lord Dante Growing pointy potatoes
  • waffle God Michael Eating bag after bag of potato chips and misssspelling stuff
  • Euan Laser guidance for potato ballistics
  • Huey the hamster daemon Necromancy, Lycanthropy, and many other of the dark arts.
  • cl zoomer Firing potato battery operated rail gun
  • kevo Can slice a potato traveling at 500 miles an hour in mid air
  • misha_franklin Can throw a potato at 505* miles per hour

  • tuc fortuneswell The First recruit so should probably be called the first officer

  • You may visit his memorial here The Tuc Fortuneswell Memorial

    We are currently looking for a Weapons expert, well actually we're not any more but that doesn't mean we won't welcome new recruits


    I, [Insert researcher name here], am ready and willing to sign up to the ranks of the Potato Army.
    In joining the Potato Army I will be able to offer my skills in [Insert skill or ability here].

    Signed [Insert researcher name here]
    1Cooked, raw or frozen2The usual stuff

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