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Hey and welcome to the Feline Mercenary Army.
A cat furiously scratching itself!

Still a work-in-progress1 {actually, the people making it have no idea what-so-ever what to do, so don't blame them when this turns out bad smiley - tongueout}

This ... ah, it's hoping to be a society, but it's not REALLY ... yet. Anyway, this society, is the society for all cat lovers and anyone who just owns a cat and happens to like that cat, but they don't necessarily like YOUR cat...or not.

Cat is sort of finished learning GuideML so this site is fully GuideML'd, but it'll be changing everytime she decides to put something new and exciting in. And everytime someone tells her to put something new and exciting in : Ideas for More Cool Stuff

Come on back!!
smiley - blackcat


Cat is gone from the 26/12/03 (Boxing Day) until the 1/1/04 (New Year's Day) and then from the 4/1/04 until the 16/4/042. This means the page will not be updated3 in anyway shape or form smiley - tongueout. But, all is not lost, new members can still join, and Blackberry4 is now the official welcomer. Kept up the talking and play nice smiley - tongueout.

The Fishtank!!

DVD fish
Yes, we have a fish tank!! Currently filled with DVD fish, this can change5. Go to Community Art: Fish by Amy the Ant and pick which kind of fish you want to be in the next fish tank. It'll be updated reguarily6, so suggest away!!8

Our very own SMILEY!!

Our very own <saucerofmilk> smiley. A big thank-you to Blackberry for comissioning it and to SEF for designing it!!


Yes, we have updates!! For a full list of what's going to come, go to Ideas for more cool stuff and suggest some!!

12/6/04. Cat has been bothered and is completely revamping the page. To see what she's done so far go here or to suggest some ideas for it, go to the Revamp thread at the bottom.9

22/1/04. We now have ranks! Head to the Ranks thread to request a rank, or be assigned one.

December 03. We are about to implement a new Members list. From now on (assuming this works10) people will be listed by their cat's names.


The brand new page for all your cat information needs! A2077661

Members!! All of the ones I've put up!!

Mmmmmmm, dinner!Click for our members' cats1) Ghost, Tiggy and Merlyn2) Camille3) Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (Blackberry's imaginary cat)4) Deus Ex Machina5) azahar6) Tsarina7) Beanhead and Precious8) Max9) Toy Box10) Marjin11) Pugwash, Jasper and Pebbles12) Mottle13) Christy14) Henry15) Lucky and Lozie (the father)16) Tonopah Ganesha Kali and Tonopah Oghma Mountbatten17) Chip and Daisy18) Lucky and Lozie (the mother)19) pussycat197320) Marvin and Diva21) Scamp, Molly and Zach22) Garfield23) Monster (closely related to Khamsin)24) Uncle_Bob25) Salami, Poppy, Jazzy (Jasmine), Baloney, Georgie (Georgina)26) Rose (Warlock's wife)27) Spangles, Tilly (currently pregnant), Boris, Sophie, Yasmin28) Stripes29) Yoda30) Champers31) Griffin32) Wee One32b) Spiggy33) Adelaide34) Newton and Smore

Join now!!

You can either post here or post into the 'Join Here' thread. Please leave your U number, also, mostly because Cat is too lazy to go looking it up for herself and it takes AGES... So yeah, that would be appreciated greately.

Black CatsHi, let me in right or I'll break the door down to get to my fish!!

My name is , my U number is and my cats' names are .A tiger.

[It's still a feline!! smiley - tongueout]

1 Note to self: Update page2 Note to self: Update entry, you're already back!!3And hasn't been since she got back, either...4Not that he did much...5 And just did, thanks to Cat getting sick of spotty yellow fish6 Or whenever she reads her 'Note[s] to self's77Cat really likes this Footnote tag now, you might have noticed...8This means you9Although it occurs to Cat is has currently turned out rather a lot like the old FMA page...10 It does

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