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The joys of camping

Welcome to the h2g2 Campsite. This campsite was originally opened by Abi as a place for people to stay whilst attending the Music Festival. After the festival finished however, the campsite was abandoned, with the grass left to grow, the car park to erode away and the disused caravans left to rust.

Then Frankie Roberto came along in June 2001 and pitched a solitary tent. After a lonely four months of living with only the cows for company, Old Uncle Zarniwoop and Fred Smith popped by to say hello. Depressed at the state of the site, they decided to seize ownership and set up the campsite for business again!

Fred Smith ordered the new Toilet Block, which soon arrived on the back of a lorry and was promptly plumbed in by Zarniwoop. The grass was then mowed, and the campsite was declared open for business.

In November of 2002 the Campsite once again changed hands. Frankie Roberto graciously passed the management duties to Evangeline. The new management staff includes Master B and Bob the Farmer, who generously offered their services as Deputies to assist with the proper maintenance and promotion of the Campsite.

So join us for nights of fun, fire and frivolity! When the sun has set go and join in with the Creatures of the Night. Dig a hole and make a fire1. Attempt to make a cup of tea on the camping stove and nearly set your tent alight. In the morning you can take a nice shower in the new toilet block, and visit the Camp Shop.

Fancy a spot of fishing? Visit the The Municipal Fishing Pond with a tackle hut and scrumptious barbeque.

New to camping? Visit the community-written entry to find out some tips for camping in the wild.

Information and adverts for activities happening around the campsite can be found and placed at The Campsite Noticeboard (it would be well worth subscribing to this thread).

Pitching a tent

Pitch your tent here

The first thing you will need to do at the campsite is to pitch your tent. By convention you should start a new thread with the subject:

<your name> (Pitch X)

Make sure you pick a pitch that isn't already taken. Look at the list below and check the recent conversations (though we've already had one simulpitch2). Once you are set up you will be added to the register of campers below. It's nice if you can help promote the campsite by adding a link to this page (A370487) on your home space!

If you would like to display your enthusiasm of camping, the Campsite badge may be added to your home space.

The Happy Campers

Here is the list of people currently staying at the campsite. Why not pay them a vist?

1This will take approximately four hours and will only burn with the use of copious quantities of lighter fuel.2A term coined by Dancer, meaning where two Researcher simultaniously pitch their tents in the same place.3Being cheeky...4'The year of the Beatles'5'The pitch thats unknown, everywhere and yet nowhere...' - Snowman's tent comes with cooling system.'

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