H2G2 Festival in the Park

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So all the Hoopy Froods are here at the Festival in the Park

Free admission at the H2G2 Municipal Park to the greatest music festival ever staged at the wonderful world of h2g2.


*****Breaking news******Breaking news*****

Skandal have agreed to perform especially for Katsy

The Beatles to be confirmed1 for a special millennium reunion set.

Travis have promised to only play when it rains on them, which knowing the British weather should be a lot of the time.

The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince will be here to celebrate his much easier to type name of Prince. He is doing a special 18th Birthday set for Prince William. Maybe this is what it sounds like when Charles cries.

Others to be announced.

Blur will be performing to the 'Parklife' to 'all the people, so many people'.

Eurovision Song Contest winnerDana International will grace our stage as long as she doesn't trip over her skirt.

As well as the main stage visit the ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha stage, where various earth bands will be performing accoustic sets.

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha Stage

Bryan Adams the host's favourite MTV unplugged performer.

The Corrs after all Demon Drawer is Oirish.

Back Street Boys will be doing an acapella renditon of some of their songs.

The Trance Tent

You can dance the nights and days away if you wish inside the Trance Tent located about 4 miles from the main stage so as not to disturb the rock greats. But complimentary buses are laid on.

Weather Forecast

Fine and sunny all weekend and longer. However to enjoy the full festival experience you can always visit the Mud Pit.


Kindly provided in the beer tent by Menza from the Forum and Firkin.


Peta has set up a burger and pizza stall. Veggie options are available.


There's plenty of room by the hundred acre wood to pitch your tent at the campsite.


Forgotten your toothbrush, sun cream, umbrella, fuel, condoms check out the Survival Stall where your plastic friend is accepted for all those little emergencies.

1We have petitioned to GOD - almighty for a one hour release programme for John Lennon to be released from Imagining there's no heaven.

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