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H2G2 Festival in the Park

Welcome to The Beer Tent

There is a faint buzzing sound in the air followed by a loud pop. And suddenly the Beer Tent appears in the H2G2 Municipal Park

Well here we are again, if you would care to glance out of the tent flaps you would see the grand sight of the H2G2 Festival in the Park. If you would care to step back inside we have a huge selection of refreshing beverages ready to quench whichever thirst you happen to have developed. And as a plus, you can still hear the music.

The H2G2 First Birthday Party

We have a miriad of brews available under the canvas of this marquee, just ask and you shall recieve.

Menza waves behind him at a wall comprised only of barrels

Here are some handy links to get around the party.

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