The h2g2 Municipal Park: The Bruce Gate

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Welcome to the Bruce Gate: HG1 3LK

Where else but the Park can you find a playground, softball pitch, rugby pitch, archery butts, woods and more? We have something for everyone here, sights suitable for all ages... *gives up*

If you want to build an area in the Park then contact me on my page with details of the Article number and a description (including where you want the section to go). If you want to book the Park or sections thereof for parties or events then contact the owner of that section

This is the Bruce Gate. Through this gate comes most of the visitors from the centre of the town. A well maintained, neat edged road leads to Memorial Circle, a roundabout that cirlces the Bruce Memorial.

The road curves round to the west just ahead, follow it around to Memorial Circle

Paths from here

Memorial Circle

Down Bruce Way (HG1 3LK) lies Memorial Circle, the edge of the park proper.

Where do you wish to visit?

Church of the True Brownie Shrine

At the CotTB Brownie shrine and desert shoppe you can go to hourly worship or enjoy a Brownie and coffee. You go in the gate and down the path to confectionary enlightenment

The Ice-Cream Van

Looking for something cold? Look no further than the Park's ice-cream van. Just ask for the 42 Flake.

The H2G2 Woods

A quiet, tranquill place with a spectacular view.

The Fish Pond

For all natural water recreation, the pond (well actually closer to a lake but this is to satisfy those 'olde worlde' tourists smiley - winkeye). A clean and safe place to enjoy a summer day out. Water skiing now on. Watch out for the geese though. They are unrelenting on those who visit without bread smiley - winkeye.

The Tibetan Greenhouse Dugout

Hello. The Tibetan Greenhouse Dugout is already a part of the inimitable Frinks Drinks. Contrary to what the name might suggest, it is really less about plants, baseball, or Tibet than about the sort of thing that might enter one's head as one lies on the grass on a summer's day pondering the clouds... which could of course, include plants, baseball, Tibet, or some amazing combination of all three.

Pop by and have a wander around. Part of the fun (most of it, actually) is the stuff (cuttings) that people have left to be potted up. I am in the process of spraying the benches to get rid of insects, fungus, and obsolete markup.

The H2G2 River

A nice walk for a quiet stroll. Running through the town and into the park, the river is a cool oasis in a busy community. The river winds lazily through the park and skirts the edge of the woods before heading off to the beach.

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