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Make mine a 99!

I borrowed this ice-cream van from The KLF - they don't need it anymore, but it's still in fine working order, so here I am with my lovely assistant Mina.

The annoying jangly thing that plays mangled versions of nursery rhymes is still as annoying and jangly as ever, but the freezer is well stocked, so I'm open for business and ready to cool you down, wherever you are on h2g2.

Get your free cone!

Cut out and complete the token below, and present it with your order to receive a free cone!1

I am buying at least one item from your van. Please hand over my free cone with undue haste. I agree that by taking advantage of this offer I will be subjected to Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot singing "Get your free cone" over and over again for comic effect.
Signed: ......................................................................................

Ice cream flavours

All lovingly handmade by ├ćndr, The Mad Hatter.

  • Pure double chocolate
  • Incredibly sinful pure vanilla2
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Honey & caramel
  • Chocolate chip & pecan
  • Green pistachio
  • Strawberry (with strawberry bits)
  • Blueberry
  • Treacle toffee
  • Jelly baby3
  • Garlic 4
  • "Mud pie"5
  • Raspberry and apple
  • Loganberry and ginger
  • Whisky and ginger6
  • Poppy seed
  • Triple chocolate swirl - guaranteed 219% chocolate!7
  • NEW! Empty BBC cones [content removed by moderator] smiley - tongueout
  • Milkless sorbets

  • Pure strawberry
  • Loganberry & raspberry
  • Lemon sorbet served in a whole lemon rind
  • Orange sorbet served in a whole orange rind
  • Damson
  • And finally...

    Don't fail to miss the ice cream jokes!

    1Limited period only, from participating outlets.2The black bits are the seeds from the vanilla pods.3Fruit flavoured ice cream with Jelly Babies in.4Due to overwhelming popular demand.5Coffee and chocolate ice cream.6Over 18s only.7Made from 84%, 70% and 65% plain chocolates.

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