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Ok you are either here because:
A It's too hot and sweaty inside
B You want to join Abi in the Greenhouse
C You want a better view of the fireworks
D You're a lad and the lasses just don't need to know. BTW there is a good supply of Dock leaves next to the shed. Right over there beside Charlie Dimmock's water feature. ;-)

Well, whatever, hope you enjoy it because me and my big yellow bulldozer, with a little help from Alan Titchmarsh and the Groudforce Team have tried to create a back garden worthy of the occasion. Just ignore the smell of beer and all our Californian chums will be glad to see the smokers over in the corner next to the washing line.

Where are those lads going?

Ah, ladies you mean those ones heading towards the shed. Well that is strictly on a need to know basis and quite frankly you don't want or need to know. HONEST you don't need to know.

So wonder what's happening elsewhere at the party feel free to go and find out.

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