On the internet, nobody knows you're a hippopotamus

I am Hapi, I was addicted to H2G2 and since I caught you lurking around here, I assume you are addicted to the same H2G2..

Hapi is also the name of the Egyptian Nile god. I quote from Wikipedia: "Hapi often was pictured carrying offerings of food or pouring water from an amphora, but also, very rarely, was depicted as a hippopotamus."
Note that the "offerings of food" were of course a late night snack, and the "pouring water from an amphora" was meant to clean the thing so it could hold another beer. That's the idea behind it all, and I agree it isn't easy to see that in a simple picture.

Lately I have been called hippopotamus ( "jõehobune" even .. ). I don't worry about that, I quietly enjoy it, like hippos should.

This is what I would look like if I could dance

Lots of great thinkers had their own thoughts about hippos, some of them took care to write those thoughts down. This one is from a guy called Jack Prelutsky

The huge hippopotamus hasn't a hair
on the back of his wrinkly hide;
he carries the bulk of his prominent hulk
rather loosely assembled inside.

The huge hippopotamus lives without care
at a slow philosophical pace,
as he wades in the mud with a thump and a thud
and a permanent grin on his face.

I think that describes me. Thanks, Jack.

In reality I am Dutch, not Egyptian. I work in IT which I always tell my friends is a lot more interesting than they probably thought.
I spent some years working in Eastern Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, Kosovo), even in the Netherlands... and .. no: I only speak Dutch and no Eastern Europe languages. I can ask for a beer in at least eight languages.

Things I like:
- Reading smiley - book
- Drinking smiley - ale
- smiley - hug
- smiley - cuddle (there was something else but I forgot about that .. or I'll not go into details about that .. or .. oh forget it)
- Drinking smiley - stout
- Sleeping
in that order ... or rather .. smiley - erm oh well, forget the order. Make that in random order.

... wait a second ..
A beer glass. ah.. that's better

Things I don't like:
- Waking up.
- Cars (Automobiles ,whatever you call'em).
- Fanatics.
(in random order).

I can be mailed (black-mailed, e-mailed, whatever) at hapi(underscore)at(underscore)hootoo @ yahoo.co.uk
I can be skyped as hapi(underscore)42


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