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Welcome to the H2G2 Metal Appreciators' Society!

Founded on the belief that metal music (hard rock is okay too) is dominant over all, our society goals are:
  • Get more members1
  • Write entries on metal bands and the like considering the small amount of them
  • Make war upon the forces of bad music: country, rap, and pop!2

The Entry Page3


The name "Zîrânkalrak" is cool.


Unfortunately, the MAS is in a very early stage and there's just about nothing to do here yet. If anyone can think of anything in any way possible, feel free to leave something in the Feedback Forums below.

Like was said, we'd like people who join to write entries because it's just saddening, the number that are there. The existing entries on any bands can be found here, and the current metal band entries will eventually be here. Feel free to post items regarding entries at the entry page.


The Amazing 18 Members!1. Shagrath2. daSilva3. ~jwf~4. Uncle Bob5. I'm Better Than You Man6. 2legs7. T.B.8. Elenitsa9. Alchendron10. Tamrhind11. Ralph The Wonder Llama12. Daze5513. Hollypuppy14. Noif 66615. Mutant Mushroom16. Razorblade petal17. Dûrandir18. dragonqueen

If you wish to join, enlist here!

NAME: (what you want to be referred to as)
RESEARCHER NUMBER: (just because I'm lazy)
ENTRIES YOU'D LIKE TO WRITE: (this is optional)

Three bands that...are good:
Do you play any instruments, and if so, are you in a band?:

Feedback, compliments, constructive critism...

Hey! Another dragon!

H2G2 Metal

Appreciators' Society

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1Probably a goal for all societies...2Assuming, of course, there are any.3Under construction

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