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Welcome to the Realm of Shadow, this is a kingdom in a dimension parallel to our own. In this realm there are two main places:

  • The nonsense of the forest and village
  • The serious RPG

If you wish to become a member of the Shadow Realm please click on the link below leaving your details, if you want to join in the serious RPG please let us know as you join.

The only way in or out of the Realm of Shadow is to melt into or out of the shadows, when you become a subject you will be given a magical smiley - cupcake which, when spun around three times, will take you to and from the realm.

Some people have the ability to melt in and out of the shadows without the aid of a cupcake, these people are usually those high up in the ranks of the realm, this ability can be granted.

About the Realm of Shadow

As you enter the shadows you find yourself on a long dusty road with two forks. Along the first road lies a forest,the second stretches to infinity and many other roads branch off it.

The forest road will take you to the main town of the shadow realm, this is where you would live. It contains many houses built of all kinds of materials and everything in the shops is free. This is the nonsense thread where all the inhabitants can chill out and have a good time.

The second road leads to the RPG and has many different side roads

Proud members of the Shadow RealmLuthienaTrienta Highway woman Thickas Turnips lil old meCaptainCynicSam (elijah_lover)tonemonkeyLady PennywhistlebaadmonkeyHonestIagoGodBenCaptain KhamsinThraduilionFeuilleLampieMr InertiaRalphIsrossRaekorHussassanAKFish's freakMadReefgirlUncle BobVonko Ze InzaneSumGuyT.B. FalsenameCat EyesSaigamagazineforallluciferYunaCharlieBraidy AmaraLady Blue EyesT_swizzleShade ThiefDragon Lord (Scott)Mr FaustEvilClawSuperMooThe OvermindAssistant Dragon LordScandrea and TracerEsty and CorenCal FortuneswellMizzpinkyRadioFaceMasamuneDax FortuneswellDiarmuid Mac Aulibh (Captain LeRue)Lady JadeHermionickySnowyBubba-frettsTerranRev Jack RussellDaleDani (manson_rocks)Maia DelanceyGigaghostukCaptain NugeDragon_BlazeSpikeBlack LeopardHimura

So what are you waiting for??? Join now, leave your name, U number and a humorous reason why we should accept you...

U Number:
Humorous reason why we should accept you:
Special skills / weapons:
Extra comments (this is where you say if you want to join the RPG):

There is also this wonderful badge brought to us by supermoo, so if you want it take it:

Shadow Realm
Visit us at A2438750

The GuideML for this is displayed in a thread under this page entitled, badge

melts into the shadows

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