Hypatia of the Ozarks

Flowers in a watering can

You can complain because roses have thorns. Or you can rejoice that thorns have roses. -- Ziggy

Hello. My name is Hypatia. smiley - Welcome to my garden. Watch where you step.

I Survived Single Sign-on

I am the second President of h2g2. Thanks to everyone who worked in the campaign and who voted for me. I'll do my best to be a good spokesperson for the community. It is an honorary position, so if you think I have any clout with the powers that be, you're mistaken. They run the site, not me. As to the length of my term, I've been told that I am President until I either resign in protest over some act of Parliament or the Vice President bumps me off so he can take over.

In case you're interested, I live in the American Midwest with my three dogs and three cats. I'm single but was married for 32 years to a great guy who died a few years back. Inconsiderate of him. But there is a fellow in my life. I know! At my age! What's the world coming to?

Information is important to me. IRL I'm the director of a small municipal library. I discovered h2g2 by accident one hot summer day while surfing for articles on the topic of fantasy vs. science fiction. I had a group of teens who met on Thursday afternoons for a book club and were in danger of committing mayhem over which is the preferred genre - science fiction or fantasy. Not that I really cared if they ripped each others throats out, but blood stains are hard to get out of carpet. I found a discussion here on the fantasy vs scifi topic. And also some extremely interesting people who have become friends.

And old-fashioned alarm clock in front of a bubbling saucepan

Which leads me to the subject of interesting people. My mission in life is to dispel the notion that librarians are dull and boring. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Really! If you don't believe me, attend a library convention sometime. We like to let our hair down and party as much as the next profession. We've been thrown out of some of the best hotels in the country. smiley - I can't relate a lot of convention stories here because most of them would contravene the house rules.

I had my hair cut not long ago, so I don't have the traditional librarian's bun. But I do wear sensible shoes. And like most librarians, my desk drawers are filled with chocolate-covered nuts, a fake beard and mustache, Rolaids and a kazoo. Other than that, I'm my own person.

I really do have a garden. Gardening is in my blood. I'm from a long line of exceptional gardeners. Gardening relaxes me. Anyone who thinks that working in a library is relaxing is a blithering idiot. Every kook and pervert within a 50 mile radius eventually makes his/her way into my office. It's no wonder that librarians drink and... uhm... take herbs. And it certainly explains why we get cranky.

Cheer up? WHY?!?

Back to gardening. I grow vegetables, fruits and berries, flowers and herbs. At least I try. My grandfather would be disappointed in my results at times. On the other hand, I often have spectacular successes. Finding the time to take care of things properly is my biggest hurdle at the moment. To keep informed about what I'm doing in the garden and for a tasty recipe, you can read my column in smiley - called The Cranky Gardener. I haven't done one for quite a while, but I think they're still there someplace.


I also write poetry upon occasion. It's not Robert Frost, but it beats the heck out of Vogon Poetry. Some of them have been published in smiley - as well.

I highly recommend that you read smiley - every week. It has lots of great stuff in it. Folks who don't read smiley - make me cranky.

One of my favorite places on h2g2 is Lil's Atelier. It is filled with interesting people who enjoy conversing on a wide variety of topics.

Other RL hobbies include sketching and painting, reading, cooking, travel, collecting tea pots and watching baseball. And before you ask, yes I know the buses below are going backwards.

Link to Lil's Atelier.
Click here to visit The Forum.

I wrote like the wind
A polkadot typewriter
in h2g2 NaJoPoMo 2011

If you can't be kind at least have the decency to be vague

I'm a Non-Starter
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Hyp's Favorites

favorite newspaper - smiley - The Post
favorite Halloween candy - peanut butter kisses smiley -
favorite banned book - The Giver by Lois Lowry
favorite comic strip dog smiley - - Howard Hugh
favorite century - 15th
favorite color M & M - yellow
favorite sandwich - BLT hold the mayo
favorite constellation smiley - - Orion
favorite Mickey Rooney movie - Boys Town
favorite past life - Qua'tele, Atlantean Priestess of Light smiley -
favorite pole bean - Kwintus
favorite mythical creature - phoenix
favorite Pope - Anthony Quinn
favorite fictional family - the Buchanons of Maggody, Arkansas
favorite computer part - thumb screw for St. Francis
favorite short story - The Torture of Hope
favorite tree - clumping birch

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