Dandelion Diner

Hello! Come on in and grab a table. I'll be right there with a glass of water and a menu. chef

I'm a bit distracted due to the presence of auditors sitting at my best table and eating all the free chips and salsa they can talk Houndstooth out of. It's all the fault of the third ex-wife, who is convinced I'm getting rich off of burgers and fries. Sheesh!

I'm also short-handed at the moment. My cook quit and ran off with a Mother Goose character in another thread. But, not to worry, I'm a mighty good cook myself. You don't have to worry about leaving hungry. biggrin

You won't find anything fancy here, just plain old good grub burger, good whiskey stiffdrink, and a place to jaw. The menu isn't large, but everything is so good you don't need a lot of choices. I've opened up here on my personal page because at the moment I have a smallish group of customers and we don't need anything fancy. If the need ever arises, we can move into bigger digs.

My waiter is actually a bot named Houndstooth. dog vampire He's a might peculiar acting at times, but the company I got him from told me that he probably isn't dangerous. erm

Each weekend I'll post a recipe of the week in my journal. That'll give you folks something good to cook for Sunday dinner.

My name is Wolfgang, but since another cook has made a name for himself using MY moniker, I usually go by my nickname, Dan. Folks often ask me how I got Dan out of Wolfgang. Well, it's actually Dandelion. You see, I went into business years ago growing and selling dandelion greens to fancy French restaurants. It wasn't a particularly good business, but I've been Dan ever since.

I've gotten a reputation for being a scoundrel. That is totally undeserved. I'm simply plain-spoken and call them like I see them.

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space space space space spacespacespacespacespacespace space space space space space space space space space space space space MENU

Disclaimer: I don't want to hear it. You want healthy, go someplace else.


The Dandelion Diner Build-Your-Own Breakfast Special....Choose from ham, bacon or country sausage (made fresh with just a touch of sage), eggs, cooked however you like them, hashbrowns, hot buttermilk biscuits, cream gravy, flapjacks topped with sliced cooked apples in a cinnamon syrup, and all the orange juice and hot coffee you can drink.


All sandwiches are served with your choice of onion rings, Suzy-Q's, chili and cheese tots, or plain old chips. crisps

Dandelion Diner Burger....a half-pound of lean ground sirloin, grilled with onions, on a freshly-baked poppy seed roll. Cheese optional. burger

Dandy Dog....a 4 oz. link of smoked kielbassa, grilled with onions, on a freshly-baked poppy seed roll. Chili optional. hotdog

Grilled Cheese....four kinds of cheese melted together between slices of freshly-made marble rye. Served with grilled onions.

(The fixings are on that table in the corner. Help yourself.)


Ox tail Soup.....fresh vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes) and barley cooked in a rich broth.

Dandelion Broth....a rich chicken broth with onions, garlic, rice and shredded kale.

Wolf it down Chili.....chopped sirloin with onions and just the right amount of seasonings. steam (If you want beans in your chili, go someplace else.)

Cowboy Stew - big chunks of lean stew meat, onions, potatoes, carrots, peas and mushrooms in a rich gravy.

Special of the Day:
Monday.....fried chicken (2 pieces), mashed potatoes (made with roasted garlic, chopped grilled onions and cream cheese), gravy, string beans, a side salad and a biscuit.

Tuesday....Salisbury steak topped with grilled onions, steamed rice, gravy, California blend vegetables, wilted spinach salad, and a corn muffin.

Wednesday....carne guisada (pork chunks, onions and garlic and cumin in a rich gravy) served with flour tortillas, seasoned rice, refried beans, and freshly-made salsa.

Thursday....spaghetti and meatballs, a side salad, and warm focaccia topped with olive oil, poppy seeds, and grilled onions.

Friday....barbecued brisket topped with grilled onions, coleslaw, ranch-style beans, potato salad, the special Dandelion Diner Bar-B-Que sauce and jalapeno cornbread.

Saturday and Sunday I expect you to cook something for me. Hey. I need some time off, the same as everyone else.


Apple pie

Vanilla ice cream

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

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If you enjoy your meal and decide to leave a tip.....how about the winner of the daily double at Belmont.


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