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Created 26th July 1999

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This is the user page for Cheerful dragon. Happily married, no kids. Feel free (ooh! that's nicesmiley - winkeye) to browse around. No obligation to buy. smiley - bigeyessmiley - dragon

A pink and gold dragon on an inkpotCheer up? WHY?!?

Age: Not telling!smiley - winkeye

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Stone: Translucent, deep blue (inky blue) sapphire (Not the pale blue ones that were fashionable some years ago or the opaque, nearly black ones you get in a lot of jewellery). Failing that, haematite or black onyx. I also like amethyst, opal and tiger-eye.

Favourite Authors/Books: Wilbur Smith, Dick Francis, The Chronicles of Narnia, Frederick Forsyth, J. R. R. Tolkien

Interests: Needlework - knitting and embroidery, mostly. Playing computer games - preferably ones that involve some mental work. Reading - good fiction / literature, history (mostly pre-20th century), natural history (especially dinosaurs and evolution), travel (especially expeditions pre-Second World War or expeditions that went wrong). Writing - one day I'll finish that novel. Listening to music - almost anything (but not jazz, heavy metal or just about anything in the charts). Going to the theatre / cinema (depends on the play / film, though). Good food. Spending time with my husband.

Dislikes: Moaners. Opinionated people who won't listen to anybody else. Arcade-style computer games and shooter computer games. Loud music or any other loud noise. Muzak. Discos and night-clubs. Doing housework, especially vacuuming. Greasy or fatty food. Pulses, especially broad beans and lentils. Mushy peas smiley - yuk. Shopping, be it the weekly grocery shop or going to the local mall (especially when Richard needs to buy a new suit). Crowds. Badly-behaved children from tots to teens. Being overweight (I am working on it!). People who uses expletives and profanities when it isn't really necessary (like every other word!smiley - cross) Having MS - especially when a relapse goes on for months.smiley - sadface People who use 'text speak' when posting on internet forums. I can live with it (just!) when it's used on chat, but not on a message board when you have all the time you need to write a proper post.

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